10/8/10 v Caps, opening nite, Thrashers win 4-2

What a nite this was!   We were not sure what think about our opening game being against the Washington Capitals and Alexander Ovechkin (OVI), but we won the nite, despite some setbacks, being Pavalec, who had earned the right to be starting goalie for opening night passed out about 2:30 into the first period.   It was the weirdest thing.  He had just had the first shot of the nite whiz past him like a speeding bullet into the boards behind the net, and then play moved to the other end of the ice.   I was watching Pavs.  He was crouched in his net and he started beating his stick on the ice like when there is about to be an end to a power play, only there was no penalty, the game had just started, then he stands up, starts towards the bench, gets a few feet from his net, bangs his stick again, then just flops backward on the ice, banging his head.  He was out for a LONG time, he didn’t wake up until he was in the ambulance!   He said he didn’t remember anything after the National Anthem, and then didn’t feel his legs when he woke up.  He spent a couple of days in the hospital, and a ton of tests, but it was determined basially that he just overloaded and passed out, but in the fall, slamming the back of his head on the ice, he sustained a concussion and was out for the next few games.

Mace came in and the boys went on to win 4-2, despite a LOT of physical discussions.

Here’s kinda how the nite went:

Pavs sees it coming down the ice:

He crouches down to make the save, and it whizzes by his net

And then it all started.   Everything was going on at the other end of the ice.  He just laid there like this, it was so hard to just stand there and wait for someone to get to him

He was still out!

Here’s a video clip of it, but nobody still knew that he actually started banging for help back in his crease and then again as he skated out.

Mace comes in and says a little prayer and off we go.

As always, up for more discussion

Thrash putting his mojo on



Look at my butt!!!  I think he lost his contact or something

Neuvirth did this a couple of times.  I think he was playing peepeye or something

Cherry Picker doesn’t quite know what to do with himself.


Let’s talk this over just a little more


Happy Times!


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