10-22-10 V TBL, 5-2 TBL

What a tough nite.   TB is always a tough team to meet up with, they are truly lightening fast and they not only have the tiny little Marty St. Louis, but they have Steven Stamkos!!!

Two game memories for me:  One, the last game that Kovalchuk played with the Thrashers in 2009-2010 Season was against TBL, although we didn’t know it that night.   Our rep had given us a set of seats on the glass that nite and I was so glad that he did.  We lost that nite, and Kovy broke his stick over the goal net before leaving the ice.  After that, we never saw him in a Thrashers jersey again, thank Goodness, we now know
{ read a bit more about that debacle and where we’d be now, at Rawhide’s page:   http://blogs.ajc.com/iceman-thrashers-blog/2010/11/23/what-if-kovalchuk-had-accepted-waddells-offer/

2nd memory was we drove to Tampa a road trip game and there being only about 6-8 Blueland jerseys in the entire arena.   They do NOT like visitors in Tampa, at all.   Not on their ice, in their seats or even in their entire arena for that matter!    They were very rude to us.  And, we lost the game and as fans, got the heck out of their arena as quickly as possible.

Here are a few pics from the 10/22/10 game at home, and the first couple are from that last nite, last season, Kovy’s last game as a Thrasher.

 That determined look that Kovy gets

Face Off, one of the last.    

NOW for this season:  
The fun begins with this season’s game on 10/22/10.  Not long into the game, we had our first meet and greet!   Big Buff getting acquainted.  

More meetings, Mr. Stamkos and company are not thrilled with Thrashers.  

 And, more talking about things.

This was about Mason’s last cool down of the nite before he was pulled for Mannino came in.

This was Mannino who was brought up from Chicago while Pavs was out from his fall on the ice during our season opener against Capitals.   Mannino was then brought into the game to replace Mason, who wasn’t doing very well against TBL.   He was a lot of fun to watch.  

More Mannino, and lots of red, tracking.

Pavelec in the suite having a coke waiting to get back on the ice.   

And, somehow we end up having a party in the sin bin  

 Thrash rocking it for Hockey Fights Cancer. 

 Mannino fist pumping the goalie coach as he heads back out to the net 

Good grief, this is pretty much what playing TBL is like

You’re doing it wrong!   

Hey, don’t mess with Burmistrov!   

WOOT, one of the only two we got this nite!    

lot and lots of getting to know you’s this nite.  

 And, even more discussion

Marty St. Louis!   

And Mannino stretching. Another goalie who can do splits.  


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