10/29/10 v Sabres, 4-3 Thrashers in Shoot Out

This night was pretty cool. Not only did we go all the way to shootout, which is cause for a coronary, but lots of fun, but it was also Thrashers Halloween Nite, so some people were all dressed up.

It was fun to win against Sabres because they breeze into the arena like some of the rudest people you would ever want to have around, very obnoxious, unlike most other teams.  Virginia has a special name for them, which cracks me up, but I won’t repeat, lol.

The AWESOME part of this nite was that Burmistrov scored his very first NHL Goal, against none other than….wait for it…….Team USA Olympic Goalie Ryan Miller!   

Another fun thing this night, goalie fight.  Early in the game, Miller lost his mind and attacked Ladd!   He got an admonishment from the ref, and after this, he did a lot of his ‘prayer’ mode, probably thinking “I shouldn’t have pissed them off” because we kinda walked on them after that.    

Here’s just a few random pictures from the nite.

I had to start with this picture, because it was just awesome to see this kids face.  He scores his very first NHL goal against a legendary goalie!!!    Congrats little Bird! 

Here’s Virginia and her awesome sign, Kerry got to come tonight (adjusting his camera),  Sandy with her “Wall built by Mason” sign, Donna and her “Mace Kills Shots Dead” sign, Mike taking pictures. 

Sandy supporting Boulton.  She’s “Nuts for Boults”, and JB cheering next to her as we just scored.  I’m next to JB, out of frame and taking this picture, and V, next to Sandy.  Thrashers Family 

And what’s halloween without the misspelled ‘woopie cushion’.   

Mason makes the save 

Miller didn’t like everyone in his face and lost it 

  Miller just rares up out of the net and here we go!  

Still going after Ladd 

Ref:   Ryan, now you know you can’t do that.   Get back in your kitchen

Oh Geez, I shouldn’t have pissed them off…I shouldn’t have pissed them off!   

After Miller lost his cool, there was a good bit of this.   Gotta get up, Miller. Actually he had the puck in his tackle box.  

 I think Thrash’s Man in Black this night was in time out, as a bunny rabbit

 Once again, Big Buff is on the move 

Thrash pie faces the guy and JBird loves it  

 Super Thrash 

 Double Tres – Big Buff moving the puck

A meet and greet session.  Check Burmi on the left, he’s got him one!  lol  

Thrash and Human Bowling, I love this game!  

JBird Jack Sparrow

Burmistrov getting his star 

Buff getting his star 


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