11-4-10 Thrashers vs Columbus Blue Jackets, 3-0 CBJ

This just wasn’t our nite in Blueland.   The best part was just being at a hockey game with friends and if you love hockey like we do, sometimes even a bad, disappointing game can be ok, because there’s always going to be some great plays, Thrash, and People of Blueland.

A few pictures, in random order: 

Here’s Mike (left), Randy (center) and Virginia with her signs, as the boys are coming onto the ice for warmups.  

 Pavs warming up, looking all goalie warrier hot 

 Slater sporting his early Movember Mustasche

Oh, Goalie Splits, Yes,  like!   If only he would have just stayed right there!  

And Bryan Little before he had to go up to the suite, sporting something like 20 stitches on his eye brow and cheek from a puck to the face blocking a shot.  Result, Concussion and missing a few games. 

Pavs has this one right up under his pads.  

Pavs did make this save too, but this was about it for the nite.   Everything was just out of sync all nite.

 Thirsty Pavs. 

 Burmistrov:  “Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play”….

Pavs tracking, Zach protecting, Laddy waiting

 Toby is great at moving the puck

 More action at CBJ Net.  Not successful, tho. 

 Eager Shoots

Not sure what put a bee in the ref’s bonnet here to make him contort his face this way 

Garon got hit in the face with the puck and knocked his lid off.   He was ok, just shookup it seems.   

“Idiots on Ice”.   I think he thought he was at Pink Pony, he got off at the wrong exit.   They finally had to take him off the ice, and the other zamboni finished the job.

Flava Thrash

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