11-6-10 Blackhawks, 5-4 Blackhawks in Shootout

This was an exciting nite in Blueland, both for us fans, and for the boys, since we kinda raided the current Stanley Cup Champs of their team; Big Buff, Sopel, Laddy….It was a great game, neck and neck all the way into the shootout, and Blackhawks won this one in the shoot out (I love a shootout).

Turco gets aggressive and reaches out to touch

Nobody seemed to have any idea that the net was off and Thor was inside it. 

Yee haaaa, Sopes!  

Pavs to Mace:  Did you see Turco way out there??   

 I have it, I have it!  

Love the stick bender shots!  

Gotta get up, Turco, there’s no holds in your net, man  

Turco really getting out there on Antropov

Yeah, it’s on my Christmas wish list   

Pavelec has it, and we get a little face washing

Brent Sopel  

Steak,  Wrap and Roll game.  Wrap is not doing so good, down he goes. 

Looking great, Pavs

Turco Looking for holes

Noooo another one in!  

Pad Save

 Turco;  Is this the “Thrashers”??  They’re wearing me out, man! 

 Pavs saved this one, it’s in his tackle box somewhere

 This one got past Pavelec too, but it’s still only 4-4

Turco likes to get outside his kitchen, a lot! 

Meet and Greets.  Always gotta have those.   

Thrash keeping the net warm

Pavelec was steller but didn’t quite catch this one.  

 Our scratches for the nite

 Big Buff skates if off

Turco seemed to like inspecting his net this nite, trying to find the hole that the puck keeps slipping thru 

 How about a little show job

 Well, almost…but we’re now no longer the Thrashhawks!  

 Some meet and greets, hey, I remember you!   Ref, hey, social hour is after the game. 

Sopel, the quiet man, getting it done  

 The Kincade and Kamal Office 

 Stewy to Turco:  Do these pants make my butt look big? 

Warm Ups….Boulton looks like he’s thinking..Shut Up Man!  


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