11-11-10 Thrashers vs Minnesota Wild, 5-1 Thrashers

What a great nite in Blueland!    Thrashers came home from facing Ottowa Sens and faced the Wild for a 5-1 Win.  It was fun, it was wild, it was a fantastic nite.   The puck just kept finding the back of the net, seemed we could do no wrong, except just a couple of trips to the Sin Bin.   It was also Military Appreciation Night, being Veterans day, so we had members from every branch, in attendance, and Thrash was rocking his cammo as well.   Many season ticket holders who have seats at the glass gave up their tickets for military to sit at the glass and have the up close and personal experience. 

A few of my game shots in random order:

See that little black round thing, man, you gotta stay on your feet and go after it, but that’s ok, just stay down, we’ll handle it.  

 Slater sporting his Movember mustasche….Super Mario! 

JBird doing one of the intermission games with “Coots and Kyles”?  ok.  

Thrash is on the move 

Jersey Foul, nah! 

 Our scratches for the nite, in their suite. 

Kane doing what Kane does, which is rush the net with the puck, darting in and out. 

Big Buff waiting for the puck

 One of may times that we got a warm burst 

Thrash rockin the cammo and his “Movember” stasche  

 Another celebration for Thrashers

 Look at that line of blue protecting our net on face off 

 Zach was playing keep away here and got a little too excited and ended up in the sin bin.  He gets like that once in awhile, over ‘exerts’ himself

Another Celebration.  I love this kid!   Burmistrov, look at that face.  Eager celebrates the goal with him. 

 Kissing our ice will NOT help you now 

Pavs getting refreshed and chatting with Mason…”Hey Mace, I look pretty damn good out there tonight, huh?!”  

 One of many Blueland celebrations! 

 Eager:  I got it……Modin:  No I got it! 

 There’s a puck and a ref in there somewhere

 Wild to Pavs:  “Does my butt look big in these shorts?”…Pavs made the save  🙂 

 Thrash trying to push the dream car, or, I think he’s proving his strength with some extended military pushups

 Kamal calls the game from up on high


2 thoughts on “11-11-10 Thrashers vs Minnesota Wild, 5-1 Thrashers

  1. LOL…..I totally love the pics! Slater, oh, boy…Can I just say that I'm eagerly awaiting December???? 🙂 And Burmistrov looked so happy…I would be too! Thanks for sharing!


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