11-13-10 v Pens, 4-2 Pens

Pens win it 4-2, which included a hat trick for Malken and one empty net goal.  Fantastic game, however.    Thrashers are improving quickly, they outskated, outplayed, and outshot Pens.  One hat trick and one empty netter sunk us in the end.

Just a few game shots.

 Malken sizing up Thrashers down the ice

A few signs while Crosby waits in his usual place, and his usual stance

Thorburn having some fun! 

Getting it done

Almost got that one past Flower

Fleury kicked this one off and it goes sailing off stage left

Fleury tracking, Ladd patiently waiting

Meet and Greets! 

Flower has it in his tackle box somewhere

We got close but Flower made the save.  

Lots of Blue Angels zooming down the ice, and we scored off this one.  

We almost scored off the faceoff.  Check the puck right by the net and Fleury’s pad. 

There was a lot of face washing going on.  Here, Big Buff (Byfuglien) stepped in when Talbot had been picking at Toby all nite. 

Pavelec made the save, he was great!  


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