11-17-10 Thrashers vs Panthers, 2-1 Panthers

We should have won this game, but, VoKoun was in goal.   Last season when we were playing them, in the first period, his own man, Ballard, got mad when we scored and meant to slam his stick against the net and hit VoKoun in the head and VoKoun was removed on a stretcher!   Not tonight, he was ON like the bulb.

Here’s the fascinating part tho.   Thorburn took a puck to the shin or calf, we weren’t quite sure, but he refused to leave the ice and leave the play, so he continued on his man, with out a stick and barely able to stand up, until he completely broke up their play and prevented them from scoring!   This was fantastic determination!

This is my good friend Virginia.  Her blog is “Getting Pucks Deep, and it’s fantastic!  You’ll find it here:    http://gettingpucksdeep.blogspot.com/  )  She almost always has a few awesome signs for every game.   Behind her in the white is her hubby Serge, with the camera is Mike, and Randy is getting his camera out, and Sandy with her cool “Nuts for Boults” sign and “Sopes cleans the crease” signs!    Very cool.

Ondrej Pavelec during intros lookin all stealthy 

There was a good bit of this tonight, but, only because VoKoun was all over the ice making saves in all kinds of yoga positions  

 Pavs made the pad save here

Face Off 


Pavs kicked this one off

VoKoun has it

When Thorbs finally was able to get up, he just jumped right back into the play. 

 He was relentless

Even the boys can’t believe what Thorbs is doing 

I know these next two went blurry but they tell the tale

And this was the end of the play, Thank you Thorby

Mace and Boults watching the action

Have some snow.   I love Oduya’s and Zach’s determination here

See the Blueland Banner right corner?  That’s us 🙂    And, this is our good friend TRAVIS doing a contest with JBird

Thrash loves to silly string people 

VoKoun getting some refreshments

And Pavs getting some refreshments

Thrash almost got hit with the puck.   Loving his Movember stasche. 

Thrash is always glad to help 🙂

VoKoun Tracking while Burmi waits for it.

Kane and his usual determination

Kane and I believe it was Weaver were chirping at each other all the way back to the bench.   Kane:  “You don’t want any of this!”. 


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