11/21/10 v Islanders, 2-1 Thrashers in OT

This nite brought the Islanders their 14th straight loss.  It was dicey.   We were thinking, two nights ago, we totally shut out and shut down the Caps, 5-0, so why is in the 2nd, we still have no score, and they had one on the board.  Early in the 3rd, though, we tied it up, and went into OT at 1-1 when Big Buff comes thru and saves the day.

The Thrashers outshot the Islanders 14-6 in the scoreless first period. … The Islanders were 0 for 4 on the power play, leaving them 0 for 24 in their last six games. … Attendance was 10,066. 

Pavs is ready, let the games begin

 Ondrej the Giant!   

Kamal and Kincade up on high  

Thrash making the rounds, he likes Pnuts 

A Lot

And, here we go.  Thor, once again, was relentless.  

 PAVS is Fantastic!  He’d lost his stick and made the stacked pads save

Burmistrov is on the move! 

 Dancing with the puck

Lookout, here he comes!   

Bowling for pucks!   

 Mattau gets hit in the face, almost point blank range, with a shot from Zach!  Busted him open, and he has spent a couple of nights in the hospital in Atlanta stitched up.  We were afraid it hit him in the eye.   VISORS, can you say VISORS!???    

And, then we go to OT and about 2 minutes in, Buff takes control, shoots…and…….

SCOREEEEEE    2-1 Thrashers  

And the celebration  

Burmistrov is always the last one off the ice.  Here with his buds.

Pavelec was fantastic.   Here’s one save that has made the rounds.

And, Big Buff’s Game Winner in OT and sporting his A to the crowd at the end



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