11/24/10 v Detroit Red Wings, 5-1 Thrashers

Red Wings came into this game at a regular season record of 13-3-2, Division Standing:  1 and 28 points. 
For Alexander Burmistrov, he’s very excited.  His idol is Pavel Datsyuk.  Burmi says this, “I’m very excited….Datsyuk is my favorite player. He’s amazing and I watch him all the time. When we play against him and I’m not on the ice I will just watch how this guy plays. Enjoy it, and learn.”

Thrashers win in 5-1 in regulation, Bertuzzi scores the single goal for Red Wings. 
Boulton and Mace v Red Wings warm up.  

Not sure what to make of this jersey, but he definitely WOULD be grumpy before long.

Gotta love the Wing Nut.

Pavs is ready!  

1st period:  Chris Thorburn scores the first goal, Captain Andrew Ladd with a 2nd.   Opening Face Off

Burmi moving the puck down the ice being chased by lots of older, bigger, Red Wings.  I love this kid!

Goalie Match up, and, notice the score

 Ondrej Pavalec made so many great saves!

Ladd scores #2 for us just over midway thru the first.  Hey Howard, it’s behind you, in the net, that little black round thing.

Yay, Captain Ladd!!!   Bertuzzi answered with one for the Red Wings, about a minute after this, for their only goal of the night.  

Detroit wants to have a talk

1st intermission, Pilgrim Thrash helping push the dream Volvo off the ice

2nd period: Anthony Stewart and Bryan Little score two more goals. 
Howard looked good here except it went up over his head…..wait for it……

 SCOREEEE!   Stewart scores early in the 2nd period giving us a 3-1 lead.

Thank you Anthony Stewart

And, Howard is scrambling again!  

Thomas Holmstrom getting all up in Pavs crease  


Burmistrov plays on his stomach, on his back, on his knees, the kid just plays!

Pavs says “You Get Nothing!!!”  But some Snow 

 And, another one for us.   I’m liking the way this is going.  

Stewart likes it too

And, this is what we’re enjoying.

 And, Red Wings want to talk some more.  

Period 3:   Red Wings goalie Howard is replaced with backup goalie MacDonald.  Big Buff scores the 5th goal for the Thrashers

 Burmi moving the puck again

 We didn’t quite get this one past MacDonald…but it won’t be long…

Pavs snatches it out of mid air.   

And, we have the octopus on the ice  

And, we have Jami getting the octopus OFF the ice quickly

Buff lines up and fires…………and

We have a 5-1 victory over the Detroit Red Wings

Shots on goal for the night

Celebration time  

Little earned First Star    

Anthony Stewart at Post Game  

Here’s the highlight reel: 


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