11/26/10 Thrashers vs Montreal Canadiens, 3-0 Thrashers

Thrashers are on a high from a 5-1 win two nights ago against the Detroit Red Wings.  In Goal tonight:  Pavelec v Auld.

This turned out to be a totally fun, surprising nite.  Thrashers shut out the Habs 3-0 (Congrats Ondrej), and Zach Bogosian shut out PK Subban!   Lots of action, lots of celebrating, good friends and good times.

Sorry about the photos this time.  I had been taking some other pics with another lens earlier in the day and holiday forgot to set it back to game settings, so most of my shots this time turned out stinky!  I was so frustrated when I saw.

Warrior Pavelec getting stretched.  

Auld eyeing a puck…..what’s he thinking, I wonder.

Cammalleri firing one into the net at warmups

Ondej the Giant 

I love the little baby hockey players.  “Hello Mr. Boulton and Mr. Hainsey”

The look on Subban’s face here…..

 Goalie Match Up

 Pavs blocking shots

 Pileup and Peverley gets our first one on the board 

He celebrates

Subban seemed to get hit in the ear….what’s more disturbing to me is the shape of his hand!?

There’s one in every crowd!   The jerk standing up, on his phone, calling someone else IN the arena, and waving his hand around with his tags still hanging from his jersey. 

And, Toby gets our 2nd one on the board.  

Swarming Auld

And, Rich gets his 2nd one of the nite.  We were hoping for a hat trick for him. 

 Big Buff doing his stuff.  

 He *almost* puts it in the back. 

The biggie, Zach brings Subban some of his own medicine.   This was absolutely priceless. 

Subban was trying to hold onto Zach so Zach couldn’t get in a hit, then he tried to take Zach down because Zach was getting the best of him.  

Didn’t work out that way for Subban.  Afterwards, it continued from the sin bin.  Subban tossed towels and gloves over the glass, Zach tossed them back.   

Here’s the video of this session:

Another close one on Auld  

And, the celebration

Tonite’s SOGs, fantastic!!!

John Kincade at Post Game waiting for Kamal and Rich Peverley

Kamal has arrived 

And, Rich Peverley honors us

Habs team bus screeching out of the arena after the game.  (sorry it’s dark, this was late and in the tunnel, with my iPhone) 

Game Highlights Reel:


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