11/28/10 v Boston Bruins, 4-1 Thrashers

Tonight, Thrashers face Boston Bruins (I love all things Boston, except driving on their streets).  This is the last game of our 6 game in two weeks, home-stand that has included Washington Capitals, Detroit Red Wings, New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, Montreal Canadiens, and now Bruins.  

Bruins are really my other favorite team, except when we are playing them.  Any other time, they are such fun to watch. It’s been interesting to watch their goalie lineup go from Legendary Tim Thomas, to Tuukka Rask, and now, back to Tim Thomas, and TT is blocking pucks like he’s a 22 year old man again!

Pre Game Stats:   Atlanta Thrashers (11-9-3) / Boston Bruins (12-7-2) 
Goalie Matchup:   Ondrej Pavelec v Tuukka Rask 
1st period scorers:   Kane, Buff and Slater  
2nd Period:  Bergfors on the PP  
*Wheeler scores the lone goal for the Bruins 
Fights:  Kane v Hunwick and Boulton v Thornton  
Brian Little 5 points in the last six games. 
Even Strength scoring  5 on 5 / 3 of 8 chances  / 44:44  4 on 4  / 0-1 / 1.35 total  = 3/9 46:19  
Power play  / 5  on 4  / 1 for 3 / 5:41

Bruins have lost their last 4 out of 5 Games, and Thrashers have won their last 5 out of 6 games, moving us up into 7th place in the standings.    

Pavelec blocked 40 shots tonight.  They did get in too many shots, we’d been doing a really good job of keeping the other teams from getting many shots, but we still set the tone with 3 goals scored in the 1st period.   

Warm Ups:   Tim Thomas hanging out talking before the game.  

And, now on the ice during warm ups 
Very good friend Randy Anderson got this one of me (pointing out Randy taking our picture), next to my hockey goddess friend and blogger extraordinaire, Virginia, behind one of her super cool signs during warm ups.   
Nathan Horton, this guy is just scary looking!   
Michael Ryder, and his hair  
Milan Lucic, tonite #17 wouldn’t be lucky for him.  

Tuukka Rask, I really like Tuukka, and he’s always been really difficult for us to get thru, until tonite 
Pavalec and the baby goalie!  
1st period, opening face off 
Goalie Matchup tonight 
Here’s the Oh S**T Moment!  Kane managed to stop, but Seidenberg stopped on Rask’s head
Dan Kamal (left), Darren Eliot (center) and John Kincaid (with mic) calling the game up on high
And we have our first goal, Kane scores early in the first period  
Kaner!   (we wear Kane jerseys, yay)  
Shortly after, Buff winds up………
Fires off……………
And scores!    

Shortly after, here comes Jimmy Slater down the ice (Slater for President)
And……..we have a 3 goal lead  
The one in every crowd who puts her sign on the glass during the game
Pavelec took this one from Chara so hard that it put him on his seat
Intermission, Thrash helps the baby players win their game 
Period 2:  Putting it on Rask again 
Slater plays it literally on the ice  
Rask captures this one, but things are getting really tense now 
Over to the left side of Rask’s crease, the pandemonium breaks out between Kane and Hunwick
Here’s the video of that fun play in the park: 
We never get to see Coach Ramsay so I was thrilled when they showed this
Nik and Burmistrov have got this!
Thrash making some noise  
and entertaining the kidlets
And, the fight that just went on and on and on.   It seemed in slow motion, I was shooting in rapid fire, and ended up with probably 50 pictures of it.  This wasn’t one of Boulton’s best, but it was fun still 

Sandy is Nuts for Boults  🙂   
Watch Mr. Bergfors: 
May The Bergfors Be With You! 
Thrash playing dodge ball in 2nd intermission  
Boychuk slides in for a landing  
Buff is on the move again
Mike and his “Ruin the Bruins” sign 
Fun in the net  
Game over  
Buff gets 1st star 
Talking to Kincaid 
Game Highlights


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