12/6/10 Thrashers v Preds, 3-2 Thrashers in OT

Thrashers came home from a road trip with a win against Colorado Avs, lost to the Pens, and beat Washington, yet again.  I think we have Washington’s number pegged!  That feels good to me!   

Goalie Matchup tonite:  Ondrej Pavelec v Anders Lindback.   
Thrashers 37  
Preds 29 

The first and most of the 2nd period just didn’t feel good.  The guys looked like they were out of place.  We and both Kane and Enstrom back in the lineup, but the lines hadn’t found their way until later.  This was the first game in the last MANY that Thrashers didn’t get on the scoreboard first, and this game, Preds scored two goals in rapid fire, in the first period.   Thrashers came back late in the 2nd with a Slater tip.   Third period was solid, we knew it was coming, and Captain Andrew Ladd tied it at 2 to take us into OT.    With about 2:39 left in OT, Zach Bogosian redeemed himself and scored an unbelievable goal, even to him, giving Thrashers our 8th win out of our last 9 games.   

Here’s a few shots:

Preds Captain Shea Weber

Preds A:  Ryan Sutter

Pavelec in the zone  

Preds Goalie tonite:  Anders Lindback, he looks 12!   I’m glad it’s not Pekka, tho

Good Lord, check where the puck is, in Lindback’s net

I love the way Burmistrov practically puts his face on the ice in a face off

Boulton doing some acrobatics to get the puck over to Thorburn

Dan Kamal and John Kincade

Pavs continues to impress

A little sumo hockey between periods 

Slam on the brakes a little sooner Buff.  

Buff goes down, but you just can’t keep him down, he was right back up and back at it, and Preds get themselves a penalty

Preds had a group to come down on a bus to the game.  Thrash gave them a silly stringing.  

Everyone’s favorite Kiss Cam couple!!!  Mr. and Mrs. Benning, who have been Thrashers season ticket holders since the very beginning!  

Face Off 

Ladd tried, but it bounced off

Another Pavelec great save!   

Evander trying to get one in

Boys in Blue keep trying


Thrash, being……Thrash

Another Face Off

Slater gets us on the books, now 2-1 Preds and Beth celebrates with her “SLATER SLAYER” banner

Preds want to talk about things

Here comes Big Buff

Captain Ladd’s goal to tie the game at 2 and take us into OT  

Playing Keep Away

Pav’s miraculous save:

Zach’s OT Goal, 3-2 Thrashers

Zach’s “Tumbelina” roll on the ice celebration: 

The Celebration

The final tally

THREE STARS: 3 STARS By:Atlanta Media

Game Highlights:  


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