12/10/10 v Colorado Avs v PAVS ~ Final Score, 4-2 Avs

Thrashers have won out last 8 of 9 games (including trumping Avs 3-2 on their ice on November 30th), looking to make this the 7th straight at home win, before another road trip next week.  

As of 12/8/10:  The Avs had been 10-1-1 in their last 12 games.  

Attendance was 14,034 so it was was a wonderful turnout.  “Iceman” Rawhide, AJC Thrashers Reporter, also had a group filling up an entire section!     

Goalie Matchup:  Ondrej Pavelec v Craig Anderson 

Bergfors (May the Bergfors be with you, assists by Ladd and Buff
Fleischmann, Assist by Duchene  
Mauldin, unassisted  
Little, assisted by Kane  
Hejduk, assisted by Fleischmann and Duchene  
Stastny, unassisted  

A well played game, just not enough on behalf of the Thrashers, they looked a little rusty in the first period after being off for a few days.    Couple of bad calls, one bouncing puck, and one puck stuck between refs feet when we were making a run for the goal allowing a turnover and Avs make use of that and score, one empty net, and the night ended at 4-2 Avs.   Avs are a really tough team, and we knew that going in, but it was still an exciting one.   

Ondrej Pavelec Getting in the zone

Avs Goalie Craig Anderson, big boy!

Great attendance, 14,034.  

“Iceman” Rawhide’s Rowdie’s in Section 204, including “Pavs Dogs” 

Pavs making amazing saves 

Double Tres – Big Buff, the bullet  

Thrashers manage to score two on Anderson 

Slater and Thorburn battling for the puck! 

Keep trying


And another

There were many close ones. 

Anderson goes for some refreshments and a looksee at one of our Blue Crew girls…..

More face offs. 

 Anderson was very solid.  

These kinds of things happened a few times, no calls by Refs!  

This was the way the game ended, Refs finally started calling things at the end of the game.  Here, the boys want to discuss it all.  


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