12/15/10 Update: Does "FREEBIRD" Ring A Bell? Help Free Thrash!

Time to fill the seats and free Thrash!


Here’s how you can help Free Thrash: 

The first is to make a $50, $100 and $250 ticket package donation. Tickets to games will be offered in return.
You may also purchase individual tickets to any of the remaining home games:

Thursday, December 16 vs. Carolina
Saturday December 18 vs. New Jersey
Tuesday December 21 vs. St. Louis
Sunday December 26 vs. Tampa Bay
Thursday December 30 vs. Boston 

For more information, Go to this link and purchase tickets:  https://www.formstack.com/forms/?1032488-6EbGUICZrw


Here’s How the Day Started:    

Today Thrash, like most of us Atlanta Thrashers lovers, decided to ‘Wake Up Atlanta” to how incredible our Thrashers are doing in their push for the playoffers this season, and he stole the Zamboni from the Duluth Ice Forum.   

Now we have to go bail Thrash out, but Wake Up Atlanta, if you’re not coming to Thrashers games, you’re missing a Brutally Good Time!  



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