12/18/10 Thrashers v New Jersey Devils ~ 7-1 Thrashers now in 1st

After tonite’s game, Thrashers are in 1st place in the Eastern Conference!   

Tonite was a HUGE visit back to Atlanta of Ilya Kovalchuck (I already spoke about Kovy in a previous post about TB Lightning so I’ll refrain on this post) and this is the first time return of Johan “MOOSE” Hedberg to Blueland since he left. during the off season.  Goalie Ondrej Pavalec is projecting some of the skills that he learned under Moose watch and his own skills continue to improve with every game.  Sometimes we watch Pavs and say “This is how Da Moose do it”…..and for sure, the kid could not have had a better teacher early on!   

I never got my picture made *with* Moose, but I did take some really good ones of him, some of which he signed for me at practices and I have them framed to keep forever.   I am planning on doing a dedicated MOOSE post at some point, so I’ll save the rest for then.   

There were so many great things to report tonite that it’s very hard for me to narrow this one down.  

Da Moose (I have this one autographed and framed):

And now, onto tonight’s game:     Attendance was over 17,000 Goalie Matchup:   Ondrej Pavelec and Moose Hedberg 

A few shots as seen thru my eyes:  

Little did we know that after Brodeur would let in 4 goals, we would get to see Moose come in midway thru the 2nd.   

I like his new lid too

Something has Brodeur’s attention.  

This would be the look in the 2nd when Moose took over. 


I think this was where even I yelled, “get outta the way, Ref”!  

Kovy is already chirping at Nik in the face off 

Good stick save, Pavs!  

Hey Brodeur, it’s over your head 

A really good save.  


It’s under Pavs!  Save! 

So Close! 

I so love watching Moose in action, but this night, I couldn’t cheer for him

Moose and Toby, old roommates and friends still

Pavs got a little far out on this one, but he has it.  Sopel cleared it, but Pavs went after it. 

Peverly lit up Zajac!  What a sight to behold.  

Boulton’s goal and Moose’s protests:  

Slater also making the case for Boulton



Boulton at Post Game looking like he’s still in disbelief:  

Here we all are at the Post Game show.  Sandy and her Nuts for Boults signs and several of our buddies, and we are right behind the girl standing up in her chair in the middle, lol.    In the last few seconds, you see me jump up with my hands in the air whoo hooing  🙂  

1st period:  
HAINSEY, assisted by Sopel and Antropov  
Boulton, assisted by Thorburn and Oduya 
KANE, assisted by Steward and Hainsey  

2nd period: 
Ladd, assisted by Peverley and Enstrom 
Kovalchuck scored the lone goal for the Devils tonite

3rd period:
Boulton, assisted by Thorburn and Slater 
Boulton, unassisted, and the hat trick!!!  
Thorburn, assisted by Kane and Stewart



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