12/21/10 Thrashers v STL Blues ~ 4-2 Blues

Thrashers were back in Blueland tonite from a one day hop up to Toronto to play the Maple Leafs and earned a 6-3 win, giving them 13 goals in their last two games (including a hat trick by Boulton at home v Devils, and two goals each on Leafs by Enstrom and Modin).  

Goalie Matchup tonight:  Mason (formerly STL goalie)  v  Conklin

Shortly into the first period, we had one that went in but was denied us due to “blue in the crease”, which we could see on the jumbotron about five times was a SHOVE into the crease.   There were many things like that tonight – bad ref calls, or lack of calls at all; a couple of missed boarding episodes, one that caused Bogosian to head down the tunnel for awhile; several trips…..for about 3 minutes they had us flying thru the air like bowling pins tripping our guys…..and even Conklin elbowing one of our guys and knocking him completely down…..just one of those nights.  

Washington was playing at the same time we were and they won and we lost so the leapfrog continues and we’re back in 2nd place in the East.    It’s ok, we’re bringing it, we’re good, we know we’re good, and we’re having fun.   We also heard that Jason Bateman was in the crowd, somewhere.  

Bryan Little scores our first goal, in the first period.  

Mason has this one under his pads somewhere.  We weren’t positive until he released it

 A 2nd good thing about tonite.  Byfuglien scores in the 3rd period 

We had a great crowd, even for a Tuesday night right at Christmas

Mason banks it off to his right   

Mason makes the save but The Blues want to talk to Big Buff, or maybe not, as it went nowhere 

Some happy peeps in a suite and the healthy scratch boys in their suite wishing they were on the ice

The Grinch and a few of his buddies up in the Nasty Nest section (Josh, Heat Meiser, and friends)

More meet and greets!  

And, that was it.    Thursday night, we head up to Boston for another meeting with the Bruins, and then back to Atlanta for a Sunday game v TB Lightning.



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