12/30/10 v Bruins: 3-2 Thrashers in Shootout

What a great night this turned out to be!!!   We were missing two of our keys~ Evander Kane and Nik Antropov, but we pulled off the win in a shootout.   Pavelec was fantastic tonight.  He’s really quite fun to watch.   This game ended Bruins 3 game winning streak while also ending our 4 game losing streak.

Tonight was billed as “boxing night” due to the recent brawl on Boston’s ice resulting in Lucic being threatened with a suspension but being fined for a sucker punch and then an obscene gesture. This is what that brawl looked like, and this brings us to tonight’s game.

Pavelec in the zone during introductions. 

Goalie match up: Pavelec v Tim Thomas

I love Tim Thomas, I love Goalies, and as I’ve said before, I love everything about “Boston”, but when we meet them, business is business.  Their blogs had made some not so nice comments about Thrashers right before tonights game as well, so, it was game on. 

Thrashers Getting down to business early on

Tim Thomas doing his I Am Warrior poses during a tv timeout

And, the wedding!  Ther was actually a real wedding on the ice in first intermission.  


Stapleton crashes into Thomas, who spent a more of his time out of his crease and across the ice than in, then, complained
The crash continues, Stapleton trying to disengage and Thomas hanging on

And they both go down

Starting crap with Buff

Tonight it just wasn’t quite enough.  Thrashers came to win tonight.

Thomas complained that Ladd was in his crease, he wasn’t. 

Right after this, Thomas started banging his stick on his crease for the ref, complaining that Blue was in his crease.  You can see that that is not the case

Big Buff

Thomas complained that Blue was getting in his kitchen

We have Bruins flying through the air now

And rolling around now 

It’s under him, Again! 

It’s under him again! 

Thorburn passes to Stapleton

Pavelec flies across the crease

I so hope these guys aren’t going to represent “BlueLand”

We got to see a lot of this

Bruins create a wall

Chara, wondering why his stick isn’t working tonight

Shootout:  Stapleton (scores) and Little (scores)….This was Little’s goal.   Boston, you get nothing

Pavelec’s shootout save

Thrashers Celebrate


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