1-7-11 v Toronto Maple Leafs, Final 9-3 Leafs

Ah, we meet again, and this nite, Thrashers were just not with it.    Final score was 9-3, three goalie changes for Thrashers, and we only have two goalies, lol, a good Boulton fight, a fight that got Ben Eager a 4 game suspension (he gave Colby what he deserved, for all of us), and wow, what a strange nite.  Never seen a game like that.  

Not much else I can say, get over it, move on, put that in the rear view mirror. 

Just a few game shots. 

UGH!   🙂 

Heat Meizer’s cool sign.  Everyone is loving the whole Waffle theme

Pavelec was hung out to dry

A good moment early in the game, like in the first three minutes.  This would be it til about the last three minutes when we get two more goals

Boulton got him some

Just having some fun playing in the net

Lots of talking this nite

I love watching Burmistrov shoot, he gives his all

The Kid Cow was fun

One of Pavs Dogs is still standing 

And, Eager gives it to Colby.   Colby is dirty, he was dirty as a Thrasher, he’s still dirty. 


2 thoughts on “1-7-11 v Toronto Maple Leafs, Final 9-3 Leafs

  1. Didn't and don't but as you can see pretty much across the board, nobody was happy with his game that night, he was dirtier than I myself have ever seen him play and based on what I heard from several of our hockey buddies, he deserved much worse than he got. I don't keep up with him any more, just that night and I was shocked at some of what I saw in him. Very disappointing that he's become a player like the Leafs style of dirty play.


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