1/14/11 v Flyers, 5-3 Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers, better known as Broad Street Bullies were in town tonight.   Thrashers played really hard, I am just not quite sure why this is happening.  The tone would have been set by a beautiful attempt by Kane early in the game ~ Flyers Goalie Bobrovsky had chased the puck behind the net and Kane stole and did that gorgeous wrap around move but it fell just short.   First period went by scoreless, 16:37 of 2nd period Captain Ladd scores, Flyers answered almost immediately, then Peverly answers for Thrashers, followed by two back to back Flyers goals.  Third period,   Flyers score three more, the last of which was in the final minute of the game, an empty netter.   

Goalie Matchup:    Ondrej Pavelec v Sergei Bobrobvsky

Ondrej is in the zone

Soon we will not like Bobrovsky any longer  🙂  

I had to toss this one in.  I’m still just not used to Hartnell with this hair cut! 

I love the baby goalies, especialy when they just HAVE to stand by Mr. Pavalec

Bruce Benedict is joining us again

Nope, Nope, Nope, this doesn’t work for me  🙂

My little neighbor’s great sign! 

At least they know their name! 

Pavelec says, you get nothing, but ice!!!

Pile up on Pavs but he saves

And, of course, no call! 

More snow! 

Thrash rocks the house

The puck finds the back of the net for the Thrashers

Jami represents Blueland with Pride

 Pavelec was outstading

Almost the final tally, but wait for it…….Flyers get an empty net on us to end it at 5-2.  I understand pulling the goalie but I don’t have to like it. It never works in our favor.   

Game Highlights


Tonite’s Three Stars:  


One thought on “1/14/11 v Flyers, 5-3 Flyers

  1. Ewwwwwwwwwww I hate the Flyers!!! But I loved that little kid's sign. Glad when the little ones learn that those Philly boys are bad at a young age! It's an important lesson haha.
    And the pic of Pavs with the baby goalie… precious!! : )


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