1/20/11 v TBL…again! 3-2 TBL in Shootout

Tonight we were hoping to break a streak that we have with Tampa Bay, they have trumped us in our last 9 meetings, and tonite would turn out no different in the long run, 10th time’s the charm, and we meet them again, very shortly.   We went all the way to a shoot out, and lost there.  It was, tho, a great game!!!    We were missing Evander Kane, Jimmy Slater, Modin, and Bogosian, and had brought up Tim Stapleton and Nigel Dawes.    Mannino was also brought up to back up Pavelec while Mason is on IR.   

Bergfors got us on the board 5 minutes into the first period, but TBL answered and it was like a tennis match the rest of the game.  Steward brought us out 2nd goal. 

This was, without a doubt, one of the worst officiated games I’ve ever seen, and not just Thrashers hockey.   I watch other teams as well, good hockey is good hockey, and I’ve never seen one like this.  So, with the help of some very incapable refs, we lost in the shootout. 

Goalie Matchup was Ondrej Pavelec v Dwayne Roloson.  

Heat’s sign..he really hates Marty St. Louis 

Pavelec getting in the zone

Bergfors Goal

Thrash doesn’t like TBL

Roloson tracking 

And, some discussions, always discussions with TBL 

Slater and Kane hanging out in the suite  😦  

Close one 

More discussions

C’Mon Guys

She wasn’t having it either! 

Lookout, here comes Thrash 

Jami has been workin’ 

Pavelec and Big Buff talking about things that we are ALL seeing.  Total disbelief! 

Even Grady is registering. Actually Grady loves our Thrashers as much as we do, so he’s cheering

Little scores in the shootout, not only the puck but the goalie too, in the net

Pavs tries, but this one was just destined to happen

And, there ya go



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