1/26/11 v Capitals ~ Thrashers 1 / Caps, You Get Nothing!

In this final game of the 2010/2011 series with Capitals, Thrashers rallied back to win 1-0 in regulation. This game was crucial to win, to stay in a playoff position! And, we got the two points. What an absolutely fun nite. We have great seats, but I’m always frustrated a bit by the protective netting, but tonite, Mr. Fred wasn’t able to come and his seats are same row as ours, but like 2 seats left of center ice and he let us have his seats. Ohhhhh wow, fun fun fun!

Goalie Matchup:  Ondrej Pavelec v Semyan Varlamov ~ Pavelec makes 36 amazing saves!!

Did you know:   Caps have been shut out 7 times this season.   We’ve got their number, like Tampa Bay has seemed to have ours.    

Boulton, Stapleton and Cormier all played less than 4 minutes each, with three lines played.  Big Buff led the team with 25:57 of ice time and six SOGs

Still scratched:  Kane, Slater, Enstrom, and Mason.

Goals: Nik Antropov, for the Thrashers

A few game shots: 

I just thought this was cool 

It starts early, Pavs blocks it 

Fly By

Varlamov got this one

Totally protecting the Blue

J.Bird getting the crowd ready for some fun.   Grady is behing him and is so excited.

Again, the enforcers 

Niks Goal, in the net

J.Bird and Grady doing two minute drill

Nothing gets past Pavelec tonite, he was amazing to watch

Thrashers really did their jobs tonite!  

Grady celebrating.  Is that Jimmy Barron up behind him? 

Varlamov does not look happy

Stewart stepped up his game too! 

Lookout, here comes Ovie 

Ovechkin was ROBBED by Pavs, point blank!!!   Pavs gets snowed, as is Alex’s way! 

Thrashers bring it to Varlamov, who loses the puck?  

After much searching, it drops out of his jersey!   Keith, head of security, agreed with us, that should have constituted a goal, lol  

Thorburn keeping the puck from Caps.  

There were two back to back pile ups on Pavs, but he has the puck, both times

Need I say it?  Pavs stops it.   Again, point blank range.  

One of many faceoffs. I love Burmistrov in a face off.

Excuse me, Beagle! 

The Two Captains, Ladd and Ovechkin

Ran Varlamov out of his net!  Hurry Back Varly

Pavs snatched this one right out of the air, again, point blank range, from Green 

Ovie being annoying, Pavs is not affected at all, he remained solid

Pavs has the puck under there, whistle blown, Caps still wanna talk about it

Pavs and Sopel taking a breather

Sopel and Ref talking about the latest save, or, talking about the family and heading into the All Star break and rejuvenating 

And that’s why we call it BlueLand.  

I Love Nik’s  “comradere” with Carlson here…..Carly, you don’t want any of this, just stay out of it.  

I can’t say enough about how these guys pulled together tonite and clogged up every effort Caps made

Thrash holding up the glass?   Or is the glass holding him up? 

Says it all

Celebrate good times, C’Mon! 

Pavelec, Mannino, and Stewart

3rd Star, Bogosian 

2nd Star, Nik Antropov 


1st Star, Ondrej Pavelec!  

Great job, Pavs!  

Hey Caps!  You’ve been……Thunderstuck! 




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