"Big Buff", Dustin Byfuglien and the 2011 All Star Game

Thrashers Big Buff Dustin Byfuglien and Tobias Enstrom were selected for the 2011 All Star Game but the week prior, Toby broke a finger blocking a shot and is out for 2-4 weeks, so Big Buff goes it alone representing Atlanta.   I would have loved to have been here in person for this one, especially with it being so close to home!

Buff scores in the 1st period, and was the first scored by a Thrasher in an All-Star game since Marian Hossa scored in Atlanta for the East in 2008.

Here are a few highlights 


This is what we love to see!  He’s a freight train!

Buff scores in the 1st period for Team Lidstrom


Big Buff in the spotlight

Working the red carpet

Some time with old buddy Toews

Laughing it up with Tim Thomas

These guys had a lot of fun! 

A pose with his old teammates

Buff walks the red carpet and talks with JR and Kevin Weeks

Buff v Nash in Hardest Shot Skill Competion. Buff finishes with a 102.4


Buff on the red carpet with JR and Kevin Weeks



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