2/1/11 – Thrashers v NY Islanders ~ Final: 4-1 Islanders

Not much to say about tonite.   It was pouring rain, windy, and cold outside, nobody showed up, weird vibe from the get go, but I did think it would have a better outcome than it did.   I expected a very low scoring game, maybe a final of 2-1 Thrashers, but we just didn’t bring it tonite at all for some reason.  

Kane was finally back tonite, but he didn’t seem 100% in the first period, but was more warmed up in the 2nd.  None of them seemed to be having a good nite, tho.  

Another one that just should go behind us and move on. 

Goalie Matchup: Pavelec v Rookie Poulin

Thrashers Goals: Freddy Meyer scored for Thrashers in the first period and that was that. This was also Meyer’s first goal of the season.   He’s off Schnide Island. 

A Few Game Shots

Let’s play Kick the Puck

GRRR, you won’t need that snarl tonite! 

I love these Pavs moment right before the Anthem

Screaming at it won’t help! 

Poor Pavs, he keeps getting hung out to dry lately!  Poulin didn’t look like a rookie tonite!

Ohhh Toby and Slater, how we need you back on the ice, guys!  Hey Mace, how ya doing? 

Woo, Freddy Meyer scores his firs goal of the season, finally off Schnide Island…..

Yeah, Pavs, we feel the same way dude

Buff chatting up the ref while they discuss disallowing a goal

 J.Bird and Thrash having a little fun between periods with some Sumo Wrestling

Either Slater has given up, passed out, or is reading graffiti on the roof of the suite.  JB said maybe his meds kicked in  🙂  C’Mon back Slates! 

Hey, that looks like fun…shoulda taken out Okposo too 

Pavs and Buff have had enough

And this idiot taking pictures of himself all thru the game.  His girlfriend kept trying to take the crackberry away from him so he would stop.  He would grin at himeself on the screen.  Tard! 

This was where I’d had enough and even put up the camera right after.  

And, Pavs had had enough too!  Check the face.   Hope he spoke his mind in the locker room. 

Highlights and Lowlights of the game 



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