2-3-11 v Calgary Flames – 4-2 Flames

Another loss and this time to Calgary Flames!   Thrashers are clinging to 8th spot, by the graces of the hockey Gods.   Carolina lost again last nite as well.  Saturday, we have who??  Canes, on their ice.  Winning is crucial.  

Freddy Meyer was sandwiched by a couple of flames, tonite.   I got a few shots but won’t post those, out of respect.  A few minutes later, he just dropped on the ice, got up, and then dropped again, on his face!  Resembled the night that Pavs passed out!   Very scary.   He did not return.   He did leave the ice on his own and is being treated by physicians.   Let’s hope not another concussion. 

Goalies:  Ondrej Pavelec v Miikka Kiprusoff

Game ends with an empty netter.  

A few game shots:   

Kipper’s lid, pretty cool, with flames

Pavs getting in the zone

That does NOT look like it felt good

J.Bird helping move the human pucks

Thrash playing Dodgeball during intermission

Pavs getting reset, could there be a puck in there? 

GOAL:  Thrashers

I like this!  They also FINALLY played “Boom” by P.O.D. that I’ve been thinking should be played when we score, for like 2 season!  

Here’s a sample:  
Boom! Here comes the Boom!
Ready or not, here comes the boys from the South.
Boom! Here comes the Boom!
How you like me now?

There are several versions of this video, but I love this one.

Looked to me like Kipper is taking a hit on Modin!  

Nice work guys, this one didn’t get thru

You can’t see the puck, but this was a goal.  Go Thrashers! 

Buff has had his fill

One of many faceoffs

Thrash and human bowling

Yoga anyone?  

Check Kipper’s position

Kane battling for the puck.  Looks like the Ref is holding back Nik

Kipper is having a good time

A very frustrated looking Pavelec

J.Bird and Jami (Blue Girl) giving away some cool prizes

Thrash silly strings an entire row

Pile up on top of Pavs but he DID make the save

Poke your eyes out cute Thrasher fan!  



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