2/11/11 v Rangers ~ 3-2 Thrashers…in REGULATION, YES

This was a crucial, “must” win game for our Thrashers, to move back up into playoff position.  Toby Enstrom was back in the line up tonite, as was Eric Boulton, who has been a healthy scratch for a few games.    Both were anxious and glad to be back on the ice, as is evidenced below.   

Thrashers win it in regulation, 3-2, and get the 2 points, thanks to a last minute goal by Evander Kane, keeping us from going into OT.   

Goalie Matchup: Ondrej Pavelec v Henrik Lundqvist

Pavs in the zone, Blue Zone!  

 Pavelec and Baby Goalie

And so it begins.  Barrage on Pavelec’s end

Eric Boulton lights up Prust:

Great save! 

Boulton was ready to be on the ice tonite! 

Lundqvist:  Please Lord, let it be in her and not behind me in that net

Face Off  

Ref got hit in the face with the puck.  Why do they not wear face shields?

Wand?   Who/What is “Wand”?

Avery complaining about refs being hard on him.  He made a jerk of himself tonite, for sure, and they didn’t tolerate it

Brent Sopel, The Silent Warrior

Pavelec’s amazing penalty shot save on Gaborik”.  Pavs says “You Get Nothing”

Jersey Foul?   Really?? 

And, this idiot, down at the glass, VIDEOing (we’re prohibited from videoing) for about 15 minutes, also blocking the view of people behind him. 

Stewart on a mission

JBird getting the crowd into the game

Thrash is making the rounds

Evander’s Game Winner:

My Sopel Valentine Puck!

Three star selections
Winning Goaltender
Ondrej Pavelec
Losing Goaltender
Henrik Lundqvist

Game Highlights



2 thoughts on “2/11/11 v Rangers ~ 3-2 Thrashers…in REGULATION, YES

  1. Your picture of Boulton fighting makes me want to write a post on this game just so I can use that picture. haha.

    And I LOVE the first picture of Kane's game winner because you can see him down in the bottom left-hand corner with a look of absolute JOY on his face.


  2. Hey Ally, thanks a bunch. Seeing Boulton let loose like that made me glad he was back, lol. Feel free to use anything you like, I'm honored. And, I was THRILLED to get those of Evander's face, because historically he goes to the right of the goal, and I'm to the left, so this was a treat for me too.

    Such a great game! Thanks again.


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