2/13/11 Thrashers vs Carolina Hurricanes, 3-2 Canes…..

We went into today’s game tied with Canes 60 points but technically back out of playoff position due to them making it into OT with Tampa Bay last nite, Tampa Bay did win.

Attendance today was great, and, in the last couple of minutes of the game, Canes scored their third goal and officially took the spot of 8th place, with 62 points and Thrashers remaining at 60.  We meet the Coyotes next, on their ice, on Thursday. 

It was still a very exciting game, right up to the very end.  

Goalie Matchup:   Ondrej Pavelec v  Cam Ward (damned Cam Ward)

Just a few game shots, I didn’t take that many tonite.  

Captain Eric Staal 



A very determined Pavs and Big Buff

Constant opposition

Cam Scrambling.  There was a lot of this. SOGs were like 35 to 15 by the end of the night.  He’s solid!   

 This was great!   GOAL 

Continuation of Goal 🙂 

Here’s how that looked on the big screen


JBird getting the crowd going  

This is great!  Sandy brought Team Dalton, this is a very special story behind this little person!  

Tonight we also had skaters from the Special Olympics.  They were very talented and very proud.   

Oh Look, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Thrashers TShirt…It’s Thrash!    Rocking his Valentine’s Day Tux!  

It was back and forth, very exciting game.  

One more of the many times we had Cam struggling but just couldn’t get that one extra one past him!  


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