2/15/11 ~ I Luff Big Buff And I Cannot Lie

Today turned out to be a great day in Blueland!   Big Buff has decided to stay, for a reported 5 years / 26 million / limited NTC contract.   This is great news!

Here’s a few things Buff had to say about the contract:   

Buff on the extension:

“I’m excited to get a term like this and to stick with the team and to have them  have faith in me… The way everything has been going and the way the year has gone, it’s a process to get to where you want to be. There’s a lot of upside to everything. If you always look at the positives there are a lot of good things that are going to happen here. I’m excited to be here and just be a part of everything that’s going to happen. It’s fun to be part of the organization that builds from the bottom up.”

Buff on playing with Toby Enstrom:

“He’s been a big part of it. He’s definitely a player that’s unbelievable to play with. I feel fortunate to have a partner like that to play with.”

Buff on the possibility of playing on the PK at some point:

“Absolutely. I’m trying to get better every day. We’ve definitely talked about doing it. If you look at my different opportunities there are opportunities for guys to step up and it’s never a bad thing. I haven’t killed penalties but it’s been talked about. It’s in the process.”

Buff on when he decided he wanted to stay in Atlanta:

“Probably around Christmas time when I realized there was no snow on the ground and there was nice weather (joking). I definitely thought I could be here. It’s just been throughout the year the way it’s gone. Right away you just knew this team was on the upcoming. I definitely paid attention. Before I came here I knew the way it was. Right away I knew the possibility was there, especially with Rick coming. I know there can only be good things changing with him and I’m happy to be here and excited for the opportunity.”

Buff on the impact of having a core in place including Ramsay and Dudley as well as young players:

“Absolutely. I looked at that and looked to who was going to be around. We’re a young team. If we get our feet wet in the playoffs this year it’s a huge opportunity for guys next year. Even for guys that might not get the opportunity to play- just to be around and watch everything grow. It’s definitely a thing that made me want to stay.”

Buff on Craig Ramsay:

“He’s a quiet guy but if you listen he can teach you lots. He doesn’t come and throw a bunch of things at you. He watches you play and he tells you what you need to do. You put that in there and you’re one step ahead. He knows what’s coming and he’s been around. It’s fun to listen to guys like that when they give you tricks on how to do this and how to do that. It’s been fun just to listen to him and be a part of his group.”

A Conversation with Buff regarding staying in Atlanta:



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