2/25/11 v Florida ~ 2-1 Kitties in round 6 of Shoot Out

Tonite was a great game, even though we lost it in a 6 round shoot out. The guys looked like they are gelling. Stuart, one of our two newest members and formerly a Bruin, does not take any bull, and that’s great!   Blake Wheeler, formerly a Bruin as well, scored his first goal as a Thrasher, and, our only goal of this night.  Pavelec looked great thru the first period, but we broke for intermission and came back and Pavelec was on the bench and Mason was in goal for the rest of the game.  All we know so far is ‘undiscolosed injury”.  We sure hope Pavs is ok!  

We had new ice tonite because the circus has been in town using our arena.   Yeah, that’s right, the circus.   So, the ice was funky, and the puck was bouncing a lot.  It also made for a LOT of snow shots.  

Another great thing is that Pavs’s former House Mom, Raylene, was in town from Canada to see him play and visit with all of us.   We all met up in front of the main team gear store during first intermission to hug and meet and greet!   She’s great.   

This is our group shot!  

After meeting Raylene, JB goes, there’s Burmistrov and Cormier walking into the team gear store.  Sure enough, there they were!   In suits!!!  Burmi in a walking cast.   So, of course, you KNOW what we had to do.    🙂 

Me with Burmistrov! 

Burmistrov and Cormier and some lady blocking my iPhone shot (sorry it’s grainy)

Our National Anthem treat tonite was Ross Childress, former lead guitarist of Collective Soul. Pretty cool that he paused for the yelling of the KNIGHTS.
Grrrrr, Panther!    Love the lid, tho! 

Hainsey and his Hair  (and all my buddies behind him with signs)

Zach is starting to find himself again 

Goalie Matchup:   Pavelec v VoKoun 
I love these moments of Pavelec during introductions!  He looks so stealthy!  

Kitties had a player down and Big Buff was waiting it out.  

This was about the last save we saw of Pavs before first period intermission.  He didn’t come back but was on the bench so we’re not sure what happened. 

Clemmer on the bench for the Panthers

Ewww, some face washing going on 

I think I’m busted! 

Our favotite Kiss Kam couple!  Season Ticket Holders since the beginning! 

WHEELER!!! GOAL!   Yes! 

Big Buff doing battle!  He looks like “Get Off Me Man”!  

Ouch, here comes big Nik! 

I love ice shots, and here’s a few 

Ambassador Thrash:   Babes for Birdseed 

Mace:   Y’all talk it out, I’m going over here!

Kane got pushed, shoved, tripped, and maintained himself, but he was pissed! 

More meet and greets!

Great block, Evander!!!  

Big Buff Blocker! 

Mace blocks it! 


I do love his lid! 



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