2/27/11 v Totonto Waffles ~ 3-2 Thrashers in OT

What  great nite this turned out to be!   Toronto Maple Leafs were back in town and they have been nipping at our heels lately since the games have not been going our way since December!   You just have to hate the Leafs fans, they think that they are Stanley Cup Champions no matter how they play or who IS cup contenders.   (Video below of how they get!)  

Goalies:  Chris Mason v James Reimer (to our surprise, Jean-Sebastien Giguere took over in goal in 2nd period for Leafs) 

Thrashers were down 2-0 until the 3rd period, when Ladd and Stapleton tied it up, taking us to OT and Ron Hainsey brought it home for us! 

I didn’t feel good today and my shoulder was hurting, so I didn’t bring my heavier lens tonite, and I knew I would miss it, and I did, but, I made do with the 400mm.   Be sure to stick with it all the way to the bottom. 

A few shots.  

This is the crew and all their great signs, the ritual at warm ups for many seasons  (Rose, Donna, Chris, Erin, Kevin, John, Randy, Rene, Mike, Beth, Virginia, Sandy, and I’m sure I’m missing somebody)

Cool lid, not fond of the guy tho. 

I love the little guys coming out to hang with the Big Blue! 

Watching that goal we just got on him, on the jumbo

Every time things aren’t going their way, Leafs start crap or feign injury, anything to stop play. 

Buff is always on your backside somewhere!

Mason made the save.  He was really solid tonite. 

Not where we want to see Pavelec 😦 

Thrash helping the mini’s

Colby Armstrong back in Atlanta.   He deserved an Oscar tonite (Oscar night, by the way) for his performance of ‘pretense of getting hurt during a perfectly light check’

JBird getting the crowd going.  Really good crowd again tonite

Thrasho Libre

Thrasho Libre firing tshirts!


And, another discussion

He thought he had it, but he didn’t 

And, Stapleton’s first goal this season, and with NHL and Thrashers 🙂  Timmay!

And, more discussion

I Love the stare down by Ladd on Phaneuf, Captain to Captain! 

And, we go to OT, tied at 2 .   And, Hainsey Scores the game winning goal!  

Hainsey is buried in there somewhere!    What a great nite. 

Kincade talking to Hainsey, 1st star! 

This is Sandy and one of her many awesome signs!  

Sandy’s daughter “Sara Beth” at post game with Hainsey!

I always love this when they play it.  I missed the first couple of seconds, but at the end, Beth and some other buddies are shown holding up their various signs.   This is from my youtube channel:  

Hainsey’s OT Game Winner:  

http://nhl.cdn.neulion.net/u/videocenter/embed.swf Lastly:   This is how the Leafs fans act. Tells you something, doesn’t it?   WAFFLES!!!!!!!!   No matter what happens, they still suck.  

Three Stars:




Winning Goaltender

Chris Mason

Losing Goaltender

Jean-Sebastien Giguere


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