3/1/11 v Habs, 3-1 Habs

The Thrashers outshot the Canadiens 41-23 but it wasn’t enough.  We were scoreless until the third period when Nik Antropov scored on Carey Price but we needed more time to tie it up.  Instead, Canadiens get an empty netter, for a final of 3-1 Habs.

Goalies:   Chris Mason v Carey Price (damn Carey Price)  

Again I didn’t take very many shots tonite, even tho we ended up with a pretty good turnout in the stands.  

A few shots: 

Sopel in his new Habs jersey.  He hasn’t been traded quite a week yet, and back to face Atlanta.  

Sopel, Hainsey and Toby were ribbing each other

Toby looks like he’s looking right at me, but I think he’s looking at Carey Price stretching over by the bench.   Probably wanting to ‘tap’ him with his stick

I never could catch a front shot of newbie Dvorak, but Buff had a haircut! 

Another baby goalie tonite.   He was so cute, right after he and Mason tapped gloves, he fell down by the net.  

Showing respect to the Anthem.  Or, maybe Thrash was running around in the rafters. He used to rapel from up there. 

Price was a goalie god tonite. 

We really outplayed them.  We just couldn’t outscore them. 

Always with the retying of the skates, PK.  Every game, during a tv timeout.   Aren’t you supposed to do that before the game actually starts!? 

Not thrilled:  l-r, Cormer, Burmistrov, and Pavelec

There was so much of this right here!  About 5 minutes into the game, in the corner where nobody could really see, namely the refs, cause we all sure did, PK held down a Thrasher and punched him in the back a good 5-6 times.   No call!   

Ladd talking it over with the refs.   We do love having him as Captain! 

Jami is on the ball fixing the ice.  It was still chippy tonite and the puck was bouncing a good bit. 

May as well get some arena pizza

A great try by Kane, but, denied

And, again! 

Oh, it’s a good look, lol 

Finally in the third, Nik Antropov scores.   Price thinks he has it, and you can’t see it, but…..GOAL 

Beth and Heidi with their cool signs during Unleash The Fury

Gotta talk about it all one more time

Game over


Three Stars:


2 thoughts on “3/1/11 v Habs, 3-1 Habs

  1. I completely agree Beth! It's all about PK on the ice. He's dangerous, and he's young, right? So I can only see it getting worse, if they don't settle him down!


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