3/3/11 Thrashers vs Sens, 3-1 Sens

Getting harder to post these!  And, sadly we only have 8 more home games to cheer about, so please Thrashers, let’s finish this season out on a more positive note.   

Tonite, Sens were in town again.    At times, we really looked determined and at other times, we really looks just tired and broken spirit.  Thanks ownership mess!!!   Who WOULDN’T be down and crabby with this crap constantly hanging over head.   

Tonites Goalie Matchup:   Chris Mason and Craig Anderson (former Avs goalie) 

Not much to say here; Big Buff scored the loan goal but there were MANY SOGs.  Anderson is thriving since moving to Sens.  He’s still wearing his Avs lid, tho.  You’ll see in pics below. 

Didn’t shoot much tonite, but we laughed a lot with Virginia and her hubby Serge, who sat with us tonite.  Self entertainment  🙂 

Darren Eliott calling the game from between the benches tonite

Mason intro.  

I wish I could have gotten her face other than on the jumbotron!  She was a cutie and had a beautiful voice!  

Opening Face Off

Anderson likes the Blue Crew girls!    Note the Sens jersey / Avs lid

Cormier, Pavelec and Burmistrov!   We need these guys on the ice, like yesterday! 

So Frustrating! 

The fight that goes around and……….

Still going around

And, finally!?  

Great plays, we just cannot score! 

Major efforts

Human Bowling, always fun to watch

Buff fires the lone bullet that makes it to the back of the net

Check the face!   Total Frustration

May as well talk about it all

He’s way too jovial, but, he earned it.  

Game Highlights (or lowlights) 


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