3/5/11 v Panthers, 4-3 Thrashers in OT

This turned out to be a great nite!!!   Thrashers ruled.  Things have been rough lately but this game breathed new life into both the team, and the crowd.  We had a great turnout last nite.    We also took my aunt Mary Ellen for her 78th birthday.  She loves our Sons of Blueland almost as much as we do, so it’s a big thrill when ever she gets to go.  She watches all the home games on TV while she baby sits my puppy so I can go to all the games.  What an angel.   

On to the game.   Thrashers were up 3-1 in the third, but gave up two bullet goals to tie the game and ended up going into OT.  Something we are getting all too familiar with but hey, when they turn out this way, I’ll take it.  Ladd scored the game winner pretty quickly and we were celebrating.  

Goalies:    Chris Mason v Tomas Vokoun

The afternoon started with a great lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant for my Aunt Mary Ellen’s (Sister) Birthday!   They came out and covered her in a big ole Sombrero and something sweet (smelled really cinnamon-y) and sang to her after we finished and she was so surprised, as you can see.   Thank you JB. 

Menacing Panther on lid, meow!

Pavs warmed up and was on backup tonite!  YES! 

Mason during intros.  He is really coming back to his game.  Looks so much better!  

Heidi sings the National Anthem!  We love it when she sings for us.  

Virginia had made this fantastic sign for my aunt!!!   And, it worked.    Isn’t this great? 

Our first meet and greet

Thrash is always willing to take one for the team

Or two

GOAL Wheeler!  Welcome to Atlanta, Dude!

I love the sight of the puck in the opposing net.  Especially on Vokoun!  He’s really good. 

Way to go, Wheeler!    Hope you like Atlanta.    

I love the looks on their faces. 

Puck Battle 

Big Buff Shotgun! 

Big Buff registering his complaints!

Looks like an amazing save, but this one got thru!  

Thorburn checked Garrison, who retaliated with a high stick to the face…..mixed emotions about how this happened.  

And, our Beloved Thrash stopped by for a big birthday kiss for Sister.  

It was also Chic Fil A night, so the holsteins were in attendance, and visited Sister for her birthday

Mason makes the save, Kitties want to talk about it.   Reasoner STILL looks like a young Rob Lowe!!!!!!!! Every time I see him, I think, Rob Lowe is on the ice again tonite.    Youngblood, the movie he made about hockey. 

VoKoun, here kitty kitty!   Damn, these Thrashers came to win tonite, man!   I should have had one more bowl of milk before the game for energy!  

Some Blue G will have to do.   Fighting off Thrashers is thirsty work!   

Boulton Scrap ~ I don’t think Boulton was quite ready for this one: 

Burmistrov is back, YES!  

Let’s have one for the win! 


And the happy dance

Yes, Laddy! 
What a great feeling!  
I love watching them celebrate a win!


3rd Star:   Big Buff

2nd Star:   Blake Wheeler 

1st Star:  Captain Andrew Ladd 

Game Highlights:  

Three Stars: 
1. ATL L 16 A.LADD


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