R.I.P. Mr. Benning! Sad Day in Blueland for Thrashers Fans and Team

Mr. Ted Benning passed away today, at the age of 89.   Thrashers fans and team members are in mourning.  

As someone wrote about them:    “The Bennings truly represent the meaning of the “7th Man Award”. Their marriage speaks volumes of “Teamwork”. During a period of illness they stuck together and like a true team worked through it. They came to games before the illness and have returned to games with T.R. showing a strong leadership role ensuring that Maria is present and part of the game, both supporting the Thrashers. They could have chosen the easy way out but instead demonstrated their loyalty to each other and by being loyal to the Thrashers. During the “Kiss Cam” they display something you don’t see alot of: true love. Their devotion to each other and their support of the Thrashers make the Bennings the logical choice for and the true meaning of the 7th Man Award.”

In the 2010 Season they were awarded the 7th Man on the Ice Award.  Mrs. Benning chose Nik Antropov to sign her jersey, on the ice, after the game at the end of the season. 

They were such a part of our every game.   Mr. Benning would often be seen pushing Mrs. Benning in from the parking garage in her wheelchair and the entire arena would light up every game when they would appear on Kiss Kam.  One of my recent pictures is right here  😦    

Atlanta Business Chronicle Article today about Mr. Benning, a highly decorated war hero!  
Construction leader T.R. Benning Jr. dies
T.R. Benning Jr.

Decorated World War II veteran and Atlanta commercial construction giant T.R. Benning Jr. died March 10 at the age of 89.

Benning co-founded Atlanta-based Benning Construction Co. with his father T.R. Benning Sr. in 1953. Following his retirement from day-to-day operations, Benning Jr. remained chairman of the board.

In the nearly 60 years that followed, Benning Construction completed more than 1,200 construction projects in the Southeast. In 2010, the company was named “Georgia Family Business of the Year” award finalist by Kennesaw State University. Today, Benning Construction is run by a third generation of the Benning family under the leadership of T.R. “Ted” Benning III.

Benning also was a past president of the Georgia branch of Associated General Contractors of America and past president of the American Institute of Constructors, among many other service posts within the industry. In 1990, Benning received the Skill, Integrity and Responsibility Award from the Georgia branch of AGC for “outstanding service and contributions to the construction industry.”

Prior to his construction career in Atlanta, Benning Jr. landed on the beaches of Normandy during the Allied invasion of Europe in 1944. As a lieutenant and combat engineer in the Army, Benning received a Purple Heart, Silver Star and Bronze Star for valorous service.

“My Dad’s life was dedicated to service — service to his family, his country and his industry. He lived according to his beliefs,” said Ted Benning, president of Benning Construction.

Click for:  AJC Notice


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