3/11/11 v Devils ~ 3-2 Devils on OT

Attendance:   16,043, really great turnout 

Goalies:   Ondrej Pavelec and Martin Brodeur 

Kovy still likes to pop his bubbles, and everyone else’s!  


Boulton had his kidlets on the ice tonite

Kane and Kovy.

Kovy just got introduced to Wheeler  
Kovy tries to put one on Pavelec, and this time, he succeeds!  

Brodeur likes to get way out of the net

Oh look, it’s a chicken 

Big Daddy does not like to let one get by him

Pavs saves the day! 

Pavs to Kovy : You Get Nothing, now go chase squirrel!    Kovy:   I hate that kid!!!!  He’s Pavelectric! 

Big Daddy banks it right!  

Get up offa Pavs!

This next sequence was just cool to me!   Burmistrov (the kid is magic) passes the puck to himself, between his legs, and maintains control of it despite all kinds of Devils interference.  

Starting the pass to himself……………

Here goes the pass to himself thru his legs! 

and out the other side, still has control of it! 

And the flip around, STILL with the puck!!!!  

Burmistrov still has it! 

Burmistrov battles Anssi Salmela (hey Anssi) after his so cool pass to himself thru his legs! 

Kane and Kovy again!  I love this! 

Pavelec is getting fantastic at his net minding.   He’s so much fun to watch! 

Battling behind Pavs! 

Can’t imagine what Kiss Cam is going to be like now without Mr. and Mrs Benning  😦   Heart breaking.   She came last nite, a day after his passing away, and put his hat in his seat!   (see yesterday’s post regarding Mr. and Mrs Benning and Mr. Bennings lifetime of achievements, and, their enduring love story for each other, and for the Thrashers)

This is so true!!! 

Big Buff and a buddy! 

Brodeur:  There’s a hole in my glove, that’s they only way Buff got that SOB past me!   Ref:  Suck it up Big Daddy, you got this one in the bag~   Me:   Ref, you suck!    *** 3/12/11 NHL changed the goal from Buff to Antropov.   

One can only imagine what he’s saying!    This was right after his conversation with the Refs about the alleged hole in his glove

Big Daddy was on! 

Ref checking Stapleton, who just clanked one off the pipes!  

Ladd tries to put one on Bid Daddy in OT but was denied

Moose and Big Daddy

Can never get enough of the Moose

1   B.WHEELER, assisted by Ladd and Little
2  T.ZAJAC, assisted by Elias and Rolston
3  D.BYFUGLIEN assisted by Enstrom and Little 
*** 3/12/11, NHL changed the goal to Antropov, with assists by Buff and Engstrom (again Little gets no love) 
4  I.KOVALCHUK assisted by Palmeri and Fayne
OT Goal
5 T.ZAJACassisted by Elias and Kovalchuk 


2 thoughts on “3/11/11 v Devils ~ 3-2 Devils on OT

  1. Thanks much, Rebecca! Oh, on the sequence, you shoot on Manual and Continuous (rapid fire), which is similar to sports mode, except tweaked for the lighting. I'll shoot 300-400 shots to get 15-20, because I start shooting as a play is coming together and follow the player/puck til the play is complete. Glad you enjoyed, I'll keep 'em coming. And, I LOVE Burmistrov!


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