3/17/11 v Flyers ~ 4-3 Thrashers in Shoot Out!

Tonite was St. Patricks day so it was the Wearing of the Green.  This day, every season, the guys wear a green jersey during warmups that is then auctioned off during the game and the money goes for charity.   Reports of sales were:  Alex Burmistrov’s jersey went for the most at $1600. Buff was second at $1500, Thrash’s at I believe $800. Total raised was over $24,000, up $8000 from last year.

It was also Coach Ramsay’s birthday!!!!   What a birthday gift the guys gave him with a win over Broad Street Bullies in a shootout!   And, our 2nd win on them in a week, the first of which was on their ice.   We face them one more time, March 31st, up there on their ice.   Right now they are the #1 team in the Eastern Conference, and the #2 team in the league.   Feels good to beat them!  

Goalie Matchup:   Ondrej Pavelec v Brian Boucher

Attendance was just short of 17,000!  Great turn out.  

St. Paddy’s jerseys for auction (photos wearing them, to follow) 

Randy and Kerry get to watch warmups from the Sin Bin!  What fun!  

Boulton looking like he’s ready to kick some Bully Bootie! 



Fist Pump Captain Ladd

Thrashers are on the board!  

Pavelec and his new pads make the block

Kane is on the move

Jay O’Bird

Maybe a rainbow will appear between these things and spout cash right up into my hands. 

And here we go!   Carcillo gets his comeuppance from Stuart!   Stuart doesn’t play Carcillo’s crap! 

Ducking won’t help!

You can’t fight when your sweater is over your head 

Please don’t hit me again, Stuart!

Oh Nooooooo, this looks like it’s going to hurt!  

Get a hair cut, Carcillo.   Slap Shot was in the 80s!   And, Stuart takes him down.  

Captain Ladd and Timmo shoving

Get up Boosh!   The puck is in the net, again!  

YAYYY, Bryan Little!    This guy is an unsung hero!!! 

You see, here’s his soft spot, just shoot left on him! 

Pavs has th epuck, and of course…….Hartnell and Briere want to talk about it.   Hainsey, Stewart, Stapleton and Buff are not having it.  

My new hero, Bryan Little!    He has earned so much respect. 

Pavs and Zach tracking the puck and blocking Hartnell  (Hartnell has not let his hair grow back, thank God). 

I think JB called them The Mandrell’s? 


Top left corner, holding Ladd down!   Another NON call!   

Boosh getting refreshments

And, doing splits 

Grady loves our Thrashers as much as we do!   Go Grady!   

Here comes the freight train. 

And, in the shootout  –    Pavs says, You Get Nothing!  

Schremp – Goal!   Something about that #13 which was formerly Kozlov!   (how many times did I hear this last nite, lol)  

And, Wheeler setting his sights……………………..

And, Thrashers win!  Thanks Wheeler

Time to celebrate 

The Shoot Out:



5 thoughts on “3/17/11 v Flyers ~ 4-3 Thrashers in Shoot Out!

  1. Oh Schremp! I was talking to my friends about how strange it was to see number 13 back on Philips ice. I kept doing double takes all night, and I have to admit, it got me missing Kozlov all over again (no secret that he's forever my favorite Thrasher). Then it came down to the shootout and well, Schremp shoots just like Kozlov.


  2. It's funny! JB leaned over and said that to me, and Mr. Fred wears Kozlov's jersey and they started talking about same thing, then driving home listening to post game with Kamal, and HE said it, lol. Fun to watch!


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