3/24/11 Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks "Heart and Soul" Tour

For something a little different, but same location, last night we went to the Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks “Heart and Soul” show at Philips Arena.  Our seats were almost our exact same seats as our Thrashers Season Ticket Holder seats, so we were very close.   

Stevie was beautiful, fantastic, and gracious, as always, the Bella Donna!   

Rod was just electric, despite being very sick with the Flu, and having to cancel their prior show in Florida.    He was even kicking signed soccer balls (or footballs, as he calls them) out to the crowd, and……………JB caught one!!!!

Stevie came out and they did a couple of songs together, one being “Passion”.   They are really good together too!

Here are just a few shots from the show.    What a blast, and I’m SO glad that I went!

I took this first one off of the video board next to us, she doesn’t move around much and keeps a very dark and mysterious stage so it was hard to get many shots of her, but Rod had an all white stage with a lot of lights and colorful clothes so he was much easier to get.   

Here she goes!   I love when she does this.   

During Rhiannon  

And, Rod enters the scene!   His stage was like something out of the 60s, The Beatles

Hi Rod!  

Together they did “Passion”!  

Setting the ball…………..

The kick

And the ball is in the air, and coming our way!!!! 

JB caught the ball!   

  Here’s a little bit about Rod:   

And, a little bit about Stevie: 


4 thoughts on “3/24/11 Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks "Heart and Soul" Tour

  1. thats freaking sweet that jb caught the ball ! i cant believe they let you take pictures. i dont know why artists dont let you. My neighbor across the street was the drummer for disney and drummed on the fantasia ( cartoon ) soundtrack. he and i were talking one day and he told me when he was in the studio that he had a parking spot next to rod and saw him every morning. cool post !


  2. It was a blast! He was sooo gracious! They had said no cameras with removable lenses, but they were all over the place. I just didn't blatantly do it, I was very discreet or I would have gotten a lot more. How cool would it be to see Rod every morning!!! I am so glad now that we went, and JB has his souvenir!


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