3/25/11 v Canucks (really v Luongo) ~ 3-1 Canucks

I had published my blog on this game the night of the game when I got home, but something went wrong with it so I’m reposting it.  I apologize if you’ve already seen it.    
One has to admit what an amazing Goalie that Roberto Luongo is, so while we always prefer to win, it’s a treat to see the likes of Luongo up close and personal.  Vancouver doesn’t come to town often.  The Sedin Brothers are also a force!   We played a great game, but it wasn’t quite enough.  The game ended with an empty net goal, for a 3-1 Canucks, final.    
Bryan Little, who has been snake bit every game lately, got his revenge tonite with a goal on Luongo.   It was beautiful!    Little is quickly becoming my favorite player!   
Attendance tonite was over 16,000, another great turnout! 
Goalie Matchup:   Chris Mason v Roberto Luongo 
A few game shots:
Baby Goalie in the house:   

Shortly after the initial puck drop, we already have our first discussion

Mace has a stickless Sedin in his net, which means Sedin gets a penalty shot………….

Mace blocks Sedin’s penalty shot, YES

Burmistrov making a run for it

In an early shift, Thrashers had Luongo scrambling (although he fills the net no matter what) and he had to completely put himself back together

Kane breaks free from his former home town team

Cleanup in Luongo Crease

Little faces Sedin(s) in the face off

I only kept this one because if you look on the glass at the tiny little peep in pink she’s just so excited at the great big ole hockey toys!  

Hainsey snows Mason, Mason makes the save

Thrash fires at point blank range, and bounces the ball off the guys head, lol  

JBird getting another one going.  I love this game!

Complaining to the ref for awhile, and then it looks like the ref sticks his finger thru Luongo’s grill and says, ‘get a grip’, you’re winning, play the game!  

After discussions with Refs, Luongo makes it to the bench, with a look of surprise or disbelief that they didn’t just go with whatever he wanted.  He *is* a Legend, so he expects to be treated like one.

Looks like he hurt his hand.  This must have been what he was angry about

And, The Sedin Brothers, Henrik (#33) who is Captain and Daniel (#22) who is Alternate

Nik trying to get one thru Luongo

Little breaks away and is being hotly pursued by Raymond…..wait for it………….And……….

He Scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonite’s cause:  Curing Children’s Cancer.  Randy was one of many who shaved their heads for the cause.  Great Job Randy!!!!   Here, Little had just scored (above) and Randy was cheering!

Stapleton with the stick bender. I love seeing that!

Ladd trying to make something happen in Luongo’s kitchen

And Canucks win 3-1, with one empty net goal.   
Game Highlights  

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