3/27/11 v Sens ~ 5-4 Thrashers in a Shoot Out

Ottawa Sens were back in town tonite.   Craig Anderson (Blue Crew Girl Watcher) was along as netminder.   I’m not a Sens fan at all, but they are not a team that you love to hate, they are just gritty, fast, and tough.

Goalie Matchup:   Chris Mason v Craig Anderson

Attendance was 16,392!  Another great turnout.   I’m liking this.   I think this is 5 games in a row with numbers over 15k.   And they say nobody comes to Atlanta games!!!!  

Ben Maxwell scores his first NHL Goal tonite and his Dad was at the game to see this.   How cool is that!  

Here’s a few game shots:  

Warmups, the signs were cool.    You might have to click on the picture to read them.   

Tonite is also Big Buff’s 26th Birthday!   And, he gets to celebrate with a win 

Burmistrov breaks away from Shannon

Baby Goalies Rock!!!!   This little person’s stick was longer than he was tall!  

JBird getting the fun going during intermission

Goal was initially credited to Stapleton and later credited to Stuart 

Ladd is shoved into Anderson…………….

And ends up in the net, so no goalie interference call  (although we were surprised since they call just about everything, against us

I hate showing them scoring but someone said to me, you never show one getting thru the Thrashers net, so here ya go 

Anderson blocks Big Buff’s shot

One of my favorite face offs

Burmistrov will battle for the puck!  

Stapleton moving down the ice towards Anderson

Ladd slides into the boards trying to get one past Anderson

He’s always staring at our Blue Crew Girls!  

Anderson getting ready for the shootout

Wheeler on Anderson in the shootout

I don’t know why this turned out a little blurry but Ladd scores in the shootout

Mace makes the Save in the shootout! 

Sons of Blueland Celebrate

Goalie Love! 


Puck Daddy Says:     Honorable mention: Andrew Ladd had the game-winner in the shootout as the Atlanta Thrashers kept their slim playoff hopes alive with a 5-4 victory over the Ottawa Senators. Blake Wheeler and Ben Maxwell had a goal and an assist each. It was Maxwell’s first career goal. Marek Svatos scored twice for the Sens, including the game-tying tally with just over five minutes left in regulation. Craig Anderson made 43 saves in the loss. …

Shoot Out:


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