4/8/11 v Canes, 6-1 Canes

This was so not a good night.   Last night, Thrashers had played Rangers in NY and then flown home, meanwhile Canes were sitting here in Atlanta resting up and getting ready for their turn to try to be the team to slide into the playoffs in the 8th spot (Canes got payback the next night and Rangers are going to the playoffs!).   

The night started on a positive note:  Goalie Ondrej Pavelec was presented the “Three Star Award” trophy prior to the game.   The trouble started in the first period, and continued til the final whistle, including Pavelec finally losing his cool in the third period, slamming his stick on the glass then turning on his blades and throwing it down the ice, and on one of the next next face offs, Canes scored, again!!!  

One can only imagine what went on in the dressing room when they got off the ice, guessing Ondrej let them know how angry he was for abandoning him to pretty much defend this this game by himself. 

That’s about it for this one.   A few shots below. 

Goalie Matchup:   Ondrej Pavelec v Cam Ward

Just a few, I didn’t take that many tonight because I was too busy yelling! 

Pavelec receiving his award

Pavs getting in the zone.  These are some of my favorite moments!
Some stern looks, pregame, and, a little Thrasher who also likes to chew on his mouth piece

Little works harder in the game than almost any guy does, and takes more abuse than anyone, but his heart is in it and he never gives up.  This has really been a banner season for him.    Here’s Staal shoving Little into the boards

Anthony Stewart fires one off 

Wheeler circling around to toss the puck at Cam

We were all up in Cam’s grill but it just wasn’t enough

Likes to look at the Blue Crew Girls too, and looks like he sees something he likes 

Cam, all chatty!!!   Didn’t look like he ever broke a sweat.  He’s pretty sharp.  

I really thought that given the tone of this game, Pavs would just finally knock him down

For all the ones that got thru, three times as many were blocked.  SOGs tonight weren’t pretty either. 

Interesting positions! 

Pevelec worked his butt off tonight!   Oduya trying to block

This was just before Buff lost his mind, earning 10 minutes, with 8 minutes remaining in the game.  No more Buff tonite. 

Kane playing keep away

Nik trying to get one past Cam

Thrash and Jami helping this person find the target and hopefully the grand prize

What did they win, JBird?   This one won $3k!   

Andrey Zubarev was brought up and we realllly like this guy.  And, he’s already been given a couple of nicknames we heard being called out, “Zuby, “Zubo”, “Zoob”……….

As can be seen on some of the faces behind the net, this was right after Pavs lost his cool slamming his stick on the glass and then throwing it down the ice.  Fans are still in disbelief
Still contemplative
Like, JB said, if you can get Cam out away from the net, he’s easy to score on, but he keeps Canes in the game

And, it’s in there!  

Just leave it there and let us enjoy it for a minute, Cam 


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