4/10/11 v Pens (5-2 Pens) ~ Thrashers Season Finale & 7th Man Ceremony

Pens fans make watching Pens play, a pretty ugly experience to start with.  Pens make watching Pens play, thoroughly infuriating.   Thrashers had called up Carl Klingberg to wear #48 for his first NHL game, and we scored early in the first period, and right from there, Pens started their “‘when things aren’t going their way, they get stupid ugly”, and that includes tripping (and riding 1/2 way down the ice on the back of Little, in this case), slashing, punching in the back, they know no boundaries.   Likewise, many of their fans have no class when they come into the arena, and many of them are also regular Thrashers fans all season long and then jump on the Pens bandwagon when the team comes into town.    Tonight was no exception.

The great part about tonight, tho, was that it was Fan Appreciation Night, so we got a Fan video and the “Jersey Off Our Backs” ceremony where each player gives his game worn jersey to a lucky Season Ticket Holder, and, the 7th Man On The Ice Award.   I posted separately on these.

Goalie Matchup:   Chris Mason v Brent Johnson  

A few shots from the night 

Fleury facing some shots in warmups 

I think he’s going to try to stomp this one with his blades 

A Flock of Penguins? 

Ben Maxwell firing one towards the net

Tim Stapleton

Little receives the Dan Snyder Award from Dan’s brother and Mother.  What an honor!  

Pre-Game Mason 

And, the fun begins.   Check the puck! 

I think Klingberg would have played the entire game, if at all possible.  And, he was great!  

It’s great to see them smile anytime

I love to see Burmistrov in faceoffs. He gets down really close to the ice

Mace makes the save


Mace almost missed this one, it tipped his glove, hit the ice, and he kicked it away with his pads

The puck hits the ice, and Mace kicks it away before pens realize it’s loose
Intermission, Thrash always doing his part  🙂 
Kane, Burmistrov and Stewart plotting strategy. This is also the first time that I’ve noticed that Burmistrov uses the yellow laces!  

Game over, and the guys do a final gathering before leaving the ice and then the 7th man and Jersey’s off their Backs Ceremony (in separate post).  

And, the Atlanta Thrashers 2010-2011 Season has ended.

And, the 7th Man Award was presented to Mr. Fred Johnson, who I respect and admire greatly, and then the “Jersey Off Their Backs” presentation.   

The great part about tonight was that it was Fan Appreciation Night, so we got a Fan video, the “Jersey Off Our Backs” ceremony where each player gives his game worn jersey to a lucky Season Ticket Holder, and, the 7th Man On The Ice Award is given to a long term season ticket holder, someone who has been selected due to their loyalty and dedication to the team all season.  This season it was given to Mr. Fred Johnson, who is my hockey buddy and my photography buddy, and friend to so many grateful people. Mr. Fred took the Evander Kane TKO Matt Cooke shot in the season finale game v Pens last season where Thrashers won, and he takes literally thousands more all season long. Mr. Fred is a very special person to all of us, and I have really (among so many) enjoyed being friends with him and learning from his photography wisdoms that he so willingly imparts on me on a regular basis.  JB and I sit by him and Mrs. Robyn during games as often as possible and they are a lot of fun.   It was such a fantastic pleasure to see Mr. Fred win the award. He has MORE than earned it. I took a video of the ceremony where he, of course, chose Evander Kane’s jersey 🙂 Congratulations to you, Mr. Fred and to all those who got a game worn jersey tonight!
Overall, a great ending to a roller coaster season. 
And, now the Fan Appreciation Video 

A few shots from the Jerseys off our Backs ceremony and Mr. Fred receiving his 7th Man Award and getting Kane’s jersey, and, the season ends.

Mr. Fred about to walk down the carpet to receive his award
The guys getting ready to give their jerseys.   Randy, V and Kerry right behind Thrash with their signs

Fans lined up to receive the game worn jerseys

Captain Ladd receives MVP Award! 

Guys are ready to get going and on their vacations

Chris Thorburn.  I’ve always love his under armor!  

Pavelec heading over to give his jersey to a very lucky receipient 

Big Buff heading over.   I got his “away” jersey as a STH renewal bonus, so I’m happy! 

Zubarev.   We really like this guy!  

All have given their jerseys now  
Everyone is happy  🙂   

Buff went down the line and shook hands with every single team mate.  Klingberg still is mesmerized by his first nite in the NHL and getting to participate in the ceremony

The last wave bye to the fans in the stands 

And, Mr. Fred receiving his 7th Man On The Ice Award!    Sorry that it’s shaky, they were also showing several of his game shots on the jumbotron at the same time, and I couldn’t decided to stick to Fred or mix it up. 


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