5/11/11 Keep The Thrashers In Atlanta

It looks like this is finally coming to a head, which is a good thing, it needs to be settled, and of course, we are hoping it’s settled in our favor.   I know that I, for one, will be devastated if the Thrashers are moved to Winnipeg.   Especially for those of us who are full season ticket holders for multiple seasons, we dredge our way thru the summer waiting for hockey season to begin.  We plan all of our events and vacations around the season so we don’t miss any games, and we come alive when October rolls around and we can all meet in our mutual “Home” at Philips Arena.   We are all friends, we have a fantastic fan club which became the largest in the NHL this season, our ushers greet us with hugs and we talk about what we’ve been doing, it’s just a huge part of our lives.    

It was said tonite that now that the Yotes are no longer in danger of being moved, Thrashers are now firmly planted on the hot seat, front and center, and we should know something in the next couple of days.   We certainly hope that we get a positive answer!     Many of us renewed for next season, back in February, and we are praying to the hockey Gods to have mercy on us.   🙂  

Let’s Go Thrashers!   

PS:   Pavelec has been the goalie for Team Czech (along with Tim Stapleton as team mate), and today, they played Team USA (with Mark Stuart as Captain, and Blake Wheeler, as team mate).   Team Czech won their 12th straight today, with a shut out for Pavs, 4-0 Team Czech.    Pavelec was also named Player of the Game, again.   Go Pavs, but sorry for Team USA.   

Here’s a video that was created by a group that formed awhile back to try be a voice for keeping Thrashers in Atlanta:  


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