Nobody can say we didn’t love our Thrashers!

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Just a bit of what we’re losing, and what the experience means to us to have them here. Things will never be the same. We have all tried to describe how devastated we are, words fail us. We wish the guys the best up there in la la land, but we want them to be sure they understand, WE, their fans, loved and treasured them. They will be gone, but never forgotten, every single one of them.

And another

And the Thrashers 2010-2011 Fan Appreciation Video, just another one that brings me to tears, played after the season finale, and who knew, it would be our last game ever!


2 thoughts on “Nobody can say we didn’t love our Thrashers!

  1. Hi Michelle,
    We met you on the cruise. We're the Lightning fans. We couldn't find your contact info here, but will check back periodically to see where we can find it. Hope to see you sometime down here!
    Carl and Cindy


  2. HEYYY Carl and Cindy! I was hoping to hear from you. I checked your profile and can't see any way to message you either. Hopefully you'll get this. Sorry to be a few days, my house was struck by lightening (no pun intended) on Saturday and no communications for 4 days!

    Shoot me a message at and I look forward to hearing from you.



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