10/29/11 Preds v Anaheim Ducks, 3-0 Preds

My aunt and I got a chance to go up to Nashville for a visit and while we were there, were able to go to the Nashville Predators game that night, against one of my favorite goalies, Jonas Hiller of the Anaheim Ducks.  There were several Thrashers buddies there that nite, as it was their Halloween game, which I didn’t know, but did get to see Virginia, Kerry and Randy there.   Turned out to be a totally fun nite!   
Can’t wait to start going up with JB now, will be lots of fun!  

A few pics follow. 

Kerry got this one of us getting settled pre-game.


Here comes the Predator

I like the “Duck Hunting Season” sign! 

Up in Hiller’s face.  The first goal was scored on him before I even got settled and got my camera ready

And now, the fight that just keeps on giving……….Parros v McGrattan

And giving…….Hiller cleaning his kitchen

And, giving…………

And finally, POW, right in the kisser!  

And the boys get to sit in the box for awhile

Hiller getting ready to rumble

I LOVE the way they celebrate a goal

Pekka took this one off his chest and sent it flying into the air

And behind the net 

And we have another meet and greet.    This looks kinda creepy but it was just Koivu’s helmet about to come off 

Koivu says “I think not” 

They could not get one past Pekka 

He was a tracking machine tonite 

Another one in Hiller’s net 

And the Preds girls doing a number for Halloween 

Jonas Hiller

Fighting off Preds is thirsty work for a Duck

Pekka sets…….

And, says NO….it’s in his tackle box somewhere 

Their organ guy

Hey, who is the guy in the Thrashers Jersey!?  

Talking about it some more

Slash, Gene Simmons, and “Beard” dude from ZZ Topp

Virginia in her cool “Ghosts of Hockey Past” costume, and Randy and Kerry right behind her  

Gnash keeping the crowd fired up 

Trying to get a 4th on Hiller 

Wait, we have to tangle again 

All of them 


I love the way they celebrate a goal! 

Final: 3-0 Preds

Three star selections
Winning Goaltender
Pekka Rinne
Losing Goaltender
Jonas Hiller
Game Highlights:   



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