11/19/11 TB Lightning v NJ Devils @ TBL

Since we no longer have hockey in Atlanta, we are having to drive to other states to get our hockey love fix.  This weekend, we took off down to Tampa (long drive in a less than 48 hour turnaround) from Atlanta for the Tampa Bay versus NJ Devils game.    We love Lightning, and this also got us to see Kovalchuck on the ice again, which was awesome, and we hoped to see Moose in goal, but of course, Big Daddy Brodeur was between the pipes and he was a beast, as he almost always is.

Roloson has always been so good in goal, but something is not clicking in Tampa yet.  They will get it together but they are definitely going to have to goalie shop.   Maybe Roloson has reached his prime, he’s like 42 now, which is up there for a goalie.  Not sure what’s going on with him.

Anyway, it was a fun time.  We got to see Randy, our former Thashers rep who is now in Tampa as a corporate sales rep, yay Randy, and, we got to see Carl and Cindy Amundson, who are TBL season ticket holders and were met on my Alaska cruise this summer during Game 6 and Game 7 of the final round of the playoffs where Boston won Lord Stanley’s Cup.   We were on NCL Pearl which has a huge IMAX screen and they played the games for us, and about 50+ die hard hockey fans were running from excursions to get back to the ship on time to not miss games, and some even brought their Vancouver and Bruins jerseys!

So, for the TBL v Devs game this weekend; I was busy taking shots of warmups when the usher gave me stink eye about my camera, which I use for all my game blogs, and have had in that arena before, so, I had to promise not to zoom at all and she left me alone, so about 90% of my game shots were distant, but towards the end of the third, I pushed the envelope just to try to get a few shots in while we were there, since who knows when we’ll see Kovy and the guys again, even tho we’ll see Bolts again in the near future.

Goalie Matchup:   Bolts/Roloson v Devs/Brodeur
Final Tally:   4-2 Devs, ugh!

It was 2-0 for most of the game, and Bolts battled back to score 2 goals in about 9 minutes, then Devs scored two more, and it was all over.   Bolts couldn’t seem to stay out of the penalty box either, and that really hurt them this game.   Devs are fast and they are clicking on all cylindars this season, so they can’t be underestimated, and it just appeared that Bolts overplayed their game.

A few shots and video of the effects of the new Tesla Coils on the ice.

Our cool new “Black Ice” jerseys that JB got us from NHL.

The cute little Fusion that we rented for the trip!  What a fun car, and amazing gas mileage!  

Pit stop!  JB Matches the car.  Did he plan this?

Sorry, it was dark and I just snapped this with my iPhone before we went down from the garage to the arena.  This is the new front of the arena. 

The bolts on the ice

These things are really cool!!!  I borrowed this one from the TBL peeps.  Hopefully I’ll get some good ones of it next time. 

THE MOOSE!!!!!    We sure do miss him, but so glad that he’s happy and things are working out for him! 

Ok, so I know this is also the Kovy show, but Kovy was another of our beloved Thrashers for so many years.  We were broken hearted when he left too, so it was great to see him on the ice.     Ironically the last time we saw him on Thrashers Ice, which we got to sit on the glass that nite, we didn’t know was his last nite with us.  We lost to TBL that nite, he broke his stick on the net after, and shortly after, he left us. 

More Moose 

More Kovy


K, just bear with me.  Have to get it out of my system  🙂

The new Pipe Organ and the pipe organ guy!  Really cool! 

Action in front of Roloson

Bolts bringing it back to Big Daddy Brodeur

Carl and Cindy are in this photo somewhere, but I won’t point them out without their permission  🙂   

They weren’t calling him “Roli” for no reason, this night

Kovy and Adam Hall sparring

More shots on Roli

Brodeur was not to be beat tonite. 

Coils on the ice 

Bolts bringing it to Broduer……he blocks…..

Another try…….wait for it……..

Bolts not giving up

And, SUCCESS!!!!!    One of two Bolts would put in the net 

Marty St. Louis…..”Hey Brodeur, need me to help you get that outta there?” 

Full house, their games have been selling out

Lookout, Kovy is working the puck

We noticed that Big Daddy always looks angry!  I guess it’s his game face, because we’ve seen it so many times up in Atlanta

We know Marty, we felt the same way  😦

Hunker down Roloson, Devs are on the move..and, they scored.   




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