12/3/11 Preds v Sabres, 3-2 Sabres

First, I apologize that some of the photos are grainy!  Of all times, I was playing around with a different camera and trying out some settings and this was not the time to do that.  I can’t resist cameras and photography but this turned out to be a time when I wanted perfect shots and should have waited to play with alternate camera another time.

We were upgraded to glass seats tonite, so I just couldn’t resist, grrrr 

Ok, so……….This entry is about the great ride up to Smashville this go round, and having some extra time to knock around town and see some sights, and then the game. I couldn’t decide whether to put the game shots in here first, or to put everything in as the flow of this particular weekend, so I’ve decided to just go with the flow.

We left a day early this time, took a leisurely drive up, got checked into the Hyatt, then went to the newly ‘nearly’ reopened Opry Mills Mall (flooded in 2010 and is having to be rebuilt) Regal Cinema (reallllllly nice theater) to see Leo DeCaprio in “J Edgar”! Fantastic movie and Leo is brilliant.

Every drive up we see this pretty little red roofed church, so I’ve been trying to get a picture of it as we zoom by

Heading up into the mountains

Straight shot into Smashville

Bar-B-Cutie, “Get Your Booty To Bar-B-Cutie”. Excellent Barbeque!

CLICK HERE for info on “Bar-Be-Cutie Nashville”

The Bar-B-Cuties of the 50s

Saturday morning, we headed out early and went to see “The Parthenon-Nashville”. A must see.  What’s also cool about The Parthenon is on the first two levels it’s also an art gallery showcasing art work from famous painters as far back as the 1800s and early 1900s.   The third level is Greek. 

CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON “The Parthenon, Nashville”

Entering The Parthenon

Some extra visitors

The Goddess “Athena” and some of her adornments

“Psst….Is she looking at us”?   “Dunno, but her Asp is”!   

This is a miniature of the sculptures that adorn The Parthenon so that you can see up close 

After the game, we rode back over to see what it looked like lit up at nite  

We then spent the afternoon just driving around Nashville looking at the architecture, government buildings, Churches, etc.

In the afternoon, we grabbed lunch then went back to the room and took a nap and got ready for the game.

Bridgestone Arena is waiting for us 🙂

This is that cool guitar out in the arena

And, Game Time:   

Welcome Back Ryan Miller and Tyler Ennis! What game this would turn out to be!

Tonite marked the return of Ryan Miller from a concussion caused by Milan Lucic, Boston Bruins, in which the league took no action against Lucic.

Tonite also marked the return to the ice of Tyler Ennis, Hi Ennis!

And a BIG Welcome back to Miller  

Miller Time.   I do love Ryan Miller

Jonas Enroth wasn’t in goal tonite but I really like watching him play

Getting ready for the boys to come out

Anthem time

Gnash makes an entrance  

 Miller gets his kitchen ready

And, Game ON!  

Can’t even explain, Miller was where ever he needed to be; standing on his head, behind the net, didn’t matter 

All up in Miller’s kitchen 

There were just all kinds of things going on in this game, and THEN, it happened!!!!!

Jordin TooToo Runs MILLER!  No WAY!!!   I was messing around with the camera when it happened so I didn’t get it but I got a lot of shots during the mayhem that followed, and then Miller putting himself back together and the Captains waiting for the decisions.   Couple of players tossed out, boy what a nite.

These two photos are courtesy of the Preds / Sabres photographers and then the video of the entire thing is below.  

Ruff watching the proceedings

Trotz watching the proceedings

NHL Official Video of Jordin TooToo as he runs Ryan Miller 


Miller’s face speaks volumes.  There was so much going on that it was hard for me to get these

Weber and Pominville waiting for the verdicts

Ryan Miller putting his lid back together  

And, Shanahan’s Decision after Jordin TooToo’s hearing:


Now back to the game, Lindback waiting 

Action around Miller 

And intermission and baby hockey 

Tracking  the puck

Hockey Love  

They don’t call him Miller-Time for nothing  

I love how Miller just slides aside

Carrie Underwood had her hair all down tonight   

Mrs. Underwood Fisher doing the “Preds Fang Fingers” On The Power Play  

Miller not giving up anything 

This was just crazy  

Lots of yellow around Miller  

Miller has it.  He was not giving up anything tonite  
The glove lost a hockey player  

And, we get to talk about it all, finally  

Still getting to know each other   

Yeah Yeah, I’ll see you next season!  

Getting too close to Miller again. It was NOT to be tolerated

Careful Hornqvist 

Okay boys, the refs have had enough now  

Miller is back in action, but I think this was the 2nd of Preds two goals that did get thru  

And, game over.  I just put the camera up.  I wanted to enjoy the end of the game.   Sunday morning, the adventure back home and back to reality.

Finally, back near my house, actually about 5 miles from where I live, is Evander Holyfield mansion.  I go by it all the time.


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