4/19/12 Something Different…..VAN HALEN in the ATL !!!

Tonight was a total blast!!!    We  have been looking forward to this concert for awhile and it was FANTASTIC  !!!!     MUCH better than we anticipated! 

We have been catching a lot of the classic rock shows in the last few years to compare them to when we saw them back in the day and over the years; Journey, 38 Special, REO Speedwagon, Styx, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks (blog of that one here separately), Kansas, we have Aerosmith coming up in July, and so on, and I have to say that this ranked right up there with one of the best we’ve ever seen.  They are even better now than then were back then.

And, we get to see them again next Friday in Nashville!!! 

Let the show begin!   

And, our cool TShirt that we’ll be able to now wear when we see them again next Friday night at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville

Promptly at 8p, Kool and The Gang hit the stage and they were great.   They played for almost an hour, set list is below.  The crowd was up dancing and getting primed for Van Halen.   

Kool and The Gang Set List:

Too Hot
Hollywood Swingin’
Jungle Boogie
Ladies’ Night
Get Down On It

And now!!!!   Right at about 9:15p, Van Halen hit the stage and they played for right at 2 hours!   It was loud, it was rocking, it was awesome, and ranked right up there with one of the best shows we’ve ever seen and we’ve seen some good ones over the years.

Van Halen Set List:

Runnin’ With the Devil
She’s the Woman
Romeo Delight
Everybody Wants Some!!
Somebody Get Me a Doctor
China Town
Hear About It Later
Oh, Pretty Woman
Alex’s Drum Solo
You Really Got Me
The Trouble with Never
Dance the Night Away
I’ll Wait
Hot for Teacher
Women In Love
Outta Love Again
Beautiful Girls
Ice Cream Man
Eddie’s Guitar Solo
Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

I had to start with one of Eddie back in the day!

Diamond Dave hits the stage

Wolfgang was awesome with his Dad, Eddie and Uncle Alex

Alex did a great drum solo

My video of Alex’s Drum Solo, pardon the excitement 🙂

During “She’s The Woman”, Eddie was making a heartbeat come from his guitar.  It was fabulous!

The 21 year old Mr. Wolfgang Van Halen

Wolfie hanging around Uncle Alex again

Eddie did this INCREDIBLE solo! 

My Video Of Eddie’s Solo, again, pardon the enthusiasm! 

David looks good in the yellow jacket

Wolfie is awesome!   He looks like a mixture of his Dad and Valerie both

Grand Finale to “Jump” 

Father and Son!

AND, we get to do it again next Friday in Nashville at Bridgestone Arena!

And, a video I made of all the photos I took tonite:


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